Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the Groove of Things...

Day 3 back at THQ, and I feel like I never left. Wait, scratch that, I feel a renewed sense of appreciation for what I'm doing. It's clear that I missed this while I was gone, and that I underestimated that. Life is a learning experience, but I learned that if you listen to it with a pure heart, you'll be where you belong. Things I love so far:

- Writing: I really missed this

- Twitter: I'm a force, and although Tank and Cory think they have the upper hand, no one dominates Twitter like the "People's Hammer."

- You guys: You motivate me every single day to represent you in the best way possible. It's a pleasure.

We released our DLC reveal #1 yesterday. Like always, I expected some backlash. You really can't win with these, but I never intend to. Never go into a fight expecting to win, when you already know that you can't. Not saying that this is a fight, though. Although, I'm sure that I'd like to fight that dude who told me to "die" this morning. What a moron. Have some perspective, brah!

Anyway, with the DLC there are a few things to note:

- This isn't all of the DLC that we're putting out, we're revealing more on Thursday

- Our Fan Axxess pass works much like last year's. If you bought last year's, you still have to purchase this year's though. There is no carry over

- The DLC is worked on past our final for the shipped game -- hence why they're DLC. We work with the WWE to get our roster. Our roster is comprised of Superstars/Divas and personalities we want that are current to programming, and Superstars/Divas/Legends and other personalities we want in RTWM. That's how the list is compiled

I hear all sorts of things on my twitter account (shameless @stephensonmc plug), but I can never understand the contradictions in some things that I read. For instance: "I'm not going to buy WWE '12 because of so and so not having the attire I wanted/or being on the roster." Ok...thanks for your feedback, but surely you must understand that your preference isn't going to determine what we do, right? When I say, "stand up and unite" I truly mean that. I want change just as much as you guys, but we can't do it alone. If you truly feel something with all of your heart and soul, impact others and voice your opinions together. Strength in numbers, everyone. Individuals do matter, but the reality is that we make a game for everyone. Anyway, I didn't even get to the second part that is funny about these comments. They usually say "I loved every single thing about the game until I heard that one thing." I don't mind you saying what you feel, but read what you're saying before you say it. How can I not think you're nuts? Ok, "nuts" was a harsh word. I don't think you're nuts, just not thinking clearly when you're speaking to me. Just as you analyze each word that I say, I have to do the same. After all, I'm helping you.

I got the WWE '12 build yesterday, and I'm really enjoying it. The difference really is phenomenal from last year to this year. Even the difference from when I left to now is incredible. I do want to answer all of the detailed questions you guys have, but I'm also trying to figure out an efficient way to do that. I need to have the time to do my daily duties, and answer as many Q's as I can. I hate that the FAQ dropped off after I left, because I fear that there is too much to catch-up on, but I guess that's just as much my fault as anyone's. I'm exploring a few ways (other than Twitter), for you guys to speak directly to me. I'll have more on that later.

For now, I'm just getting into the groove again, and I hope that you can be patient along with me, while I reset myself in this wild and crazy world that I love so much.


  1. LOL bro dont worry about that "die" comment i checked it was just a troll who tweets "die" to everything WWE like the Divas and Superstars (Including THQ employees!!!!) for some reason. Ignore the troll. Good post bro.

  2. Your efforts and thoughtfulness are appreciated. I was wondering where is the best place to post/voice an opinion about what we might want to see in future games?

  3. Is randy savage getting announced tomorrow?? Wwe magazine already spilled the beans. Dig it?!?!

  4. Your twitter timeline is by far the most entertaining I follow. I can't believe how ridiculous some people are. Hang in there man, as a whole you (& the rest of the team) do a great job.

    Are there things I would like changed? Yep, but I understand the game isn't only about me. Before telling someone to Die, take a step back and really reflect on what you are about to write. How would you feel if someone wrote that to your Mother, Father, or Child? It's time to grow up bud!

    Marcus, Keep up the great work! I love your passion for the game and look forward to droppin Diesel with some Sweet Chin Music! Although I would have made HBK with his gloves ;-)! Peace out Brah!

    Cant Wait! (til Nov 22nd)

  5. That guy was an idiot, as many have been at times. It's a privilege to have the chance to speak directly with the people who create the WWE games. I know I'm certainly happy you're back. I'm sure Tank, Cory, Bryan, and the rest of the crew are real busy finishing up WWE '12 and starting to work on that unannounced game they can't talk about until May/June of next year. ;) But, the community has definitely felt the drop off in conversation with the devs. You always made sure our voices were heard. It'll be nice to know that is the case once again. I know I've had MANY ideas that I put in the GamingRing wish list. One thing I do hope for, though this may be rather impossible, is that if you read them and see a great idea, you would acknowledge it on the forum. Of course, I know if you begin to do that at one place, you have to do it everywhere. I have no idea the amount of places you visit, but I'm sure it's many and there are 100s or even 1000s of ideas between them all. There's no way to read all of those. But, a guy can hope right? :P Best of luck to you at THQ! I hope to see the game improving even more as the years go by!

    @MistahShowtime/Mr. Showtime

  6. As I said at Gamingring, it's nice to have you back and trust me, as always I will take you at your word and talk your ear off about certain game mechanics I'd love to see in the game because you guys have the one job I'd die/kill for and that's making great games. It's too bad bad I'm more of a thinker and not the technical type. But I'll do what I can.

  7. Yeah, Marcus, there are a few trolls and classless scumbags out there, but remember, they are always the 1% minority.

    As for the people that keep saying "Not getting da game cuz dis one thing!!" just ignore them, as well.

    Here's why: They're liars when they say that. They know they're buying the game, they had their heart set on it for months.

    They just want to get a rise out of you, because they're just being entitled brats that think that informing you of them "not buying" is the perfect way to hurt you as a company (even though they fail to realize that no company ever failed when 1 person out of 100 misses out)

    But even so, i've actually seen many of these same usernames over the years that flatly say "not buying", then later pop up on forums, a week after release talking about aspects of the games they played, what they did on Universe, and so on.

    So believe me, these kids are just trying to get a reaction, but even they know the game is too cool not to buy. Happens every year without fail. 99% of people that even bother to ask a question, had their heart set on the game and are NOT going to reverse direction just because HBK's tights aren't the ones they like, or something.

    The whole "not buying" thing is mostly just hot air, and an attempt to hurt the feelings of guys like you because they know how hard you work, and they just wanna hate and troll, because they get a kick out of feeling superior to a community manager for a game they love and want SO MUCH that they wish they were getting to work on, or seeing a beta-build of.

    Because like I said, I've seen these same people pop up and later come up with some excuse like "Oh, my cousin bought me a copy for free so I didn't have to pay" or "I found a few extra dollars, so I got it anyway, just to make fun of it" when they're really addicted and can't stop sharing their feelings.

    Trust me, the same people that try to get a rise out of you, 95% of the time, pre-ordered like everyone else and eagerly tore that plastic off.

    It's just that some of the fans lack the proper social graces of having their voices heard for the improvement of the game in a respectful or meaningful way way, and just wanna get entitled and feel like they've put one over on ya.

    But the reason you guys sell so many copies of these games and those sales numbers come back, is because the majority of those people know quality, and those people send you tweet after tweet because they are hungry for news leading up to that day of release, or else they wouldn't be around, or be asking anything.

    Trust me, when people don't feel as if they've gotten their ever last one personal little whim, they'll throw all kinds of tantrums and say all kinds of things over the internet that sound harsh or extreme, becuase they know there's no way to prove that they aren't buying it, anyway.

    WWEGames is a strong franchise for this reason. You just keep on putting in the effort, and those that see where the effort goes will support, even if they want you to think so. In their minds, it's some kind of rude incentive. They forget that one attracts more bees with honey than vinegar and there's a better way to get those wishlists in.

  8. P.S: Oh, another good way to put it... Remember, Marcus, these are WWE fans.

    The same people telling you "didn't like this one thing, not buying" are the very same millions of WWE fans who claim to HATE Cena, or Orton or Miz, or Triple H and will still attend live tapings, and sell out PPV's and Wrestlemania's in person or at home via cable boxes to see these very same people headline the main events, anyway!

    So, keep that in mind, too. This audience can be clearly facetious when going overboard on their criticisms. Both you know, I know and they know they're fans despite what they say. Peace. :D

  9. First of all glad you are back, and glad you are enjoying the work you left, gusessing there is a whole story of heart searching that we will never hear, but at least you are happy :D.

    with regards WWE'12 I have noticed that the forums on many games are a lot more hostile and demanding than a bit ago, wwe is on of the most hostile I have seen, but I just want to say that they are the vocal minority,
    the are many members of the community that can appreciate the hard business decision that the team have to make and the decisions that are forced upon them.

    Personally this is the most excited I have been for a wwe game. I love the way universe is going the legends this years are awesome...demolition FTW :D, and create an arena is an endevour that many thought would never happen and all in a time period of less than a year!

  10. No one can access Community Creations on WWE12 for a week now

    Thats a big reason why people like this game so much, the ability to share CAW and other creations.

    When we purchase a game we expect to get what we are promised...

    Your official website / and other means of communication, says something along the lines of: We know, sorry, eventually we will fix it (if there is budget for it) - If i did that on my job i would get fired...

    How Long will it take?
    Please answer


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