Friday, April 16, 2010


So I spent alot of time on message boards yesterday, and I noticed alot of negative things said about some of my team members at THQ. This should stop guys. You have every right to complain about things that you buy, but when it comes to personal insults, that's just not necessary. Here's a newsflash -- WE ALL WANT THE SAME THINGS YOU GUYS DO!

Some think they know what goes on, but unless you've been there, you have no idea... It's just a fact guys. BUT, I think that we can help with that moving forward. Bring you guys in on what's going on, get you involved in these conversations.

Now, enjoy the weekend everyone! Come back fresh, insult free, and ready to rock on Monday!


  1. That sucks but it's what you get with the internet. If you or anyone of your team is taking offense just try to ignore the hate. Anonymity breeds idiots. Ironic considering what name I'm posting under lulz

  2. yeah personal insults are too far, but to be fair, this hate has been generated by the minimalistic upgrades every year. Anger and frustration shouldn't be vented in this way, instead, offering improvement suggestions to the numerous SvR forums

  3. It's very unfortunate, that a lot of people didn't take the opportunity to question you intelligently.

    I just happen to be a new column writer in Gamingring. I'm very outspoken on my problems with the WWE SVR series.

    When it all comes down to it. From what you've said. It's not the matter of 1 year development time. It's not the matter of fundings.

    It's because I think, honeystly. It's because the creative team, are making bad decisions. Animations/gameplay/physics. You name it.

    And I pointed this out in my columns in gamingring. And I constructively would place myself in your shoes, as if I were part of the team. And those are the suggestions and planning that I would construct.

    So if you find yourself the time, please check out my first two columns.

    One is the review of SVR2010

    And pretty much the gameplay engine of what I made in the past two years. That would be a very good formula for a wrestling game engine.

  4. To be fair, it's really only Cory Ledesma on the receiving end of the vocal lashings. It's still unwarranted, though.

    SvR is on the right track (and has certainly redeemed itself after the awful SvR08), but there are still little things that need work: the submission system, move sets, etc.