Monday, April 19, 2010

Think Annually...

Happy Monday everyone! If you didn't watch last night's TNA Lockdown PPV, you missed an EPIC, MOTY candidate, showdown between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson. It's moments like these that make you appreciate watching legends in the now.

Anyway, I won't make this long, but I've been reading TONS of wish lists lately, and I must say thanks first of all for welcoming me into your communities. Now, as you write an idea down (or a complaint / demand ;) ), keep in mind that we make this game annually. This isn't a secret. Put SvR in the SAME realm as simulation sports games. Now that you've done that, does your wish list change? Do your complaints lessen? If not, let me know!


  1. Of course, we would like ( ideally ) for all these complaints to be dealt with within the next 8 years that THQ have the license, well at least I would. That being said, the UFC 2010 game is also made by your company so the big improvements in that game from last year's effort show that huge strides can be taken annually. Only now do I realise the naivety of my petition on the SvR website: get a new graphics engine. I realise this cannot be done in a short 1 year time, and would instead like for this year's game to be focused on Presentation - i'm talking improvements on: fluidity of matches, likenesses ( I believe I may have overstated my views on the Cena likeness lol), crowd improvements. By all means, keep the same engine, just massively improve it! And, is it at all possible to use the UFC engine? Just curious, btw I realise this probably wont all make it into 2011 but at least 2012 PLEASE!!

  2. I'd like to think that most of the stuff on MY personal wish list could be taken care of in 1 or 2 years of dev time especially considering one of them was already in previous installments. Weight detection, weapons that we can slam on with any move, realistic selling/limb damage, create a wrestler pool instead of grinding for points. Those are reasonable requests I think. Not like asking for a complete engine overhaul, or radical changes to the game.

  3. Like I said, I don't think time is the issue here.

    It's more based on the idea of the design, and the execution.

    Ultimate control move. Great idea. Execution, was terrible.

  4. I agree. The Angle/Anderson match was epic for sure. The moonsault from atop the cage was a sight to see.

  5. I posted a long "wishlist for SVR2020" elsewhere, listing the things I'd personally like to see accomplished over the next ten years. I think if you map out the big plan, each year you can put more pieces of the puzzle in place.