Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over the Lag / Limit

I'm extremely in to what Jack Swagger is doing on WWE programming as of late -- he's truly a refreshing heel that the fans consistently boo. I do wonder however, what his match will be like with Big Show on Sunday's "Over the Limit" PPV... Speaking of the PPV, have we seen the last of Batista? Only time will tell. I bet the match of the night will be CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio though -- watch!

This week was a rough one. I've never been off of this continent before, so I really didn't know how my trip to Japan last week would truly effect me. Well, I found out, and I'm just NOW feeling normal again (says the guy who is up at 1AM...). The game is really starting to come together. Working with an external developer is unlike any experience I've ever had, so it was important for me to go over to Japan to see the other side of things as I get acclimated to this new environment. I figured out the THQ side of things, but I really didn't get everything as a whole until I went over to Yuke's. Now I'm pretty happy with the knowledge I received while I was out there.

I know a lot of you want to know information about SvR '11, but please be patient. In this business, there are such things as timelines. We, the dev team, have no control over this. We're a public company, that has a ton of stakeholders, it's a much bigger thing than myself, so I'm never at liberty to spill the beans on things until I'm allowed. What I can do is take suggestions, and you guys have really given us a TON this year -- thanks for that.

We got our E3 schedule today, and I'm going to refrain from doing interviews this year. I'm happy with this, considering I came on late in the project, and the rest of the team would do the game more justice. I will be at E3 though, and I'm very serious about that community meetup. We just hired our new Community Manager, and I'm EXTREMELY excited about him coming on board. He's incredibly experienced, and shares the same passion for community engagement like I do. BTW -- I'm watching Smackdown (recorded) at the moment, and Kelly Kelly has really stepped it up a notch in the wrestling department (don't laugh at me).

Before I stop this random, late night post, I wanted to address something that I'm seeing pop up in the community a lot. Expectations. I can't say this enough, but apparently some out there are still not under the impression that we make a game every single year. I'm not saying this as an excuse, so please don't ASSUME that. What I'm saying is do the math. Your suggestions are ALL valid, we have a limited time from one game to the next to do things. Take a look at SvR '10 for instance. Before I got here I was AMAZED at the amount of "stuff" they were able to fit in the game. My experience with annual sports titles is pretty vast, and I can say that annual titles NEVER get as much in as SvR '10 did. But seriously, manage your expectations. Help us make a great game from year to year by giving us constructive suggestions, and understand what we can and can't do. We want to do EVERYTHING, but it will just take longer than a lot of you would expect -- no worries, we'll get there! I can't say enough how talented our design team is. We all share a huge passion for the wrestling genre, and strive to make nothing but ultimate wrestling game every single year.

Guys, I'm being open and honest to all of you. Don't take my words and scramble them please. The only reason why I say that is because I've seen it happen on boards.

I'm pretty excited for this weekend. I've got Red Dead Redemption to play (it's so dope guys), UEFA Champions League final, then a night out with my wife on Saturday night, then a LA Galaxy game on Sunday followed by the recording of "Over the Limit".

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and let me know what you think of "Over the Limit"!


  1. I am going to comment in order if I can stay on topic. I think the younger guys have really come on and that was much needed. There has to be new blood in there every 5 years or so, or the product gets stale. Swagger, Shaemus, Kelly, and Mcintyre(although I heard he's a stiff worker) have all stepped up their game. That is just a few. I have loved the back and forth between Swagger/Show and I hope the match delivers as much entertainment as the lead up has.

    I think Batista will either take a month or two off or he will "Cross the Line". I do not think we have seen the last of The Animal though.

    I'm giving match of the night to The Hart Dynasty vs. Miz/Jericho. I think Edge/Orton has the most potential, but the build up wasn't there.(and Orton is my fav since HBK left)

    Never been anywhere outside the US beside Canada, so can't comment there. Have fun with E3 and I have loved being able to communicate with you on this game. I think it is truly rewarding for both sides. I said on Operation Sports, what most don't realize is there is a limited time frame for a game if you are going to do it every year. I posted there a list of things I felt needed improved, but that I knew year to year it would have to be small to moderate fixes as there is just not enough time. I feel WAY more comfortable knowing that you are actually a fan of wrestling and not just a game dev. Please keep a watch for my comments and reply when you can.

    Have fun with the games, at the games, and most of all enjoy the time with the wife(time is a commodity we don't get back). This Sunday we go "Over the Limit"!

    Peace, Westsyde

  2. Expecting a post next week :) Thank man will you be talking about the game at E3 or Will Bryan and Corey only talk again?

  3. I got this for the update request Marcus. "Marcus will update when he WANTS to".

  4. How about I asked a question and you don't have to be rude.

  5. Patience is a virtue!

  6. I will wait but you could have talked to me nicer man. I meant no disrespect to you or Marcus I was just curious if he was updating blog soon? He was suppose to do an interview with gamingring that never happened. So sorry if I was bothering you guys my bad.

  7. Sorry I didn`t mean to be rude but Marcus is very busy, he keeps getting bombarded with requests and questions on Twitter I just think the guy deserves to answer us when he can. He will update soon. No worries.

  8. Hi, I just found out about your blog from a forum I post on. You may even know of the forum, but anyway, I am very passionate about wrestling games. I have dreamed of the ultimate as close to simulation as possible wrestling game, for many, many years. I want SvR2011 to have the core gameplay to go back to SvR2007 and then improved upon from there. I however do not want to post a very long rant on your blog. So I am asking you to PLEASE look at this thread I posted on. My name is brienj (Brien Johnson) on there, but anyway, here is the thread:

    I thank you for taking any time you may take to read it. I only hope you do, and listen to what I said. Take care and good luck with the game.