Tuesday, October 5, 2010


That was the key word for last night's RAW -- "EMOTION." I haven't seen that kind of emotion on a WWE programming in ages. That's the kind of emotion I want to draw out of all of you when you play our game. And it's not there yet, I know. What do you guys think we could do to get that kind of reaction out of you guys? I see it when people play NBA 2K, or even MADDEN -- definitely FIFA. I mentioned in my first interview when leaving EA to come to THQ, a few things that I would like to add to our presentation to make matches feel BIGGER.

I'm on the SFX-360 Podcast tonight. TANK will be joining me, so that should be pretty fun.

Quick blog update today, but just want to throw that question out to you guys.

"What would you do to the SvR franchise, to draw emotion out of YOU?"


  1. Finisher reversals into other finishers would be awesome.

    Ex: Sweet Chin Music / Attitude Adjustment / Chokeslam / etc reversed into RKO.

  2. I have to echo what the guy above me said. WWE is unpredictable in the sense that when someone goes for a finisher, the opponent could reverse it into one of their own. In SvR, this cannot happen. The only emotion you get is the slight satisfaction that you've more or less ended the match, so just watch the finisher happen and go for the pin. Finisher reversals would keep us guessing to the last, for sure.

  3. Honestly, I think it's much harder to get Emotion from player in a wrestling game. Things like Fifa/Madden or even nba2k, the emotion comes from late heroics (The buzzer beater/ the kick return for a touchdown with 10 secounds to go and down by 3/ the goal with 1 minute left) Another big emotional drawn game is UFC. The knockout out of nowhere, brings a crowd to their feet everytime, whether it be on tv or in the game.

    Pro wrestling relys alot on Storytelling and Holy Sh*t moments to draw emotion from fans.
    To get that in a video game version will be hard to do. You have to give us something never seen before, but also make it unexpected.

    What makes it hard to do these things in this type of video game is due in large part to the fans and players. For example, one idea, would be to allow in some way, finishers out of nowhere. A back and forth effort and without the other player being made aware of you getting a finisher, you reverse a punch or something and hit your finisher. The problem with something like that, is the online Fareness complaints that would follow.

    Thats just my take on the question, although it would be great to gain some form of emotion while playing, to me, it might just be too hard to accomplish what is needed to gain that effort.

  4. Honestly, Marcus, I think you guys on the right track, emotionally speaking. I'm online looking for new details about the game several times a day, and from the boards, it's clear that the younger fans are basically living on SvR details. Probably haven't been this excited for a title since No Mercy. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that all of the new features in 2011 are going to make it difficult to do that for next year, as your main design issue will be polishing up the inevitable bugs in those new features. I'm guessing that a lot of your updates will feature the phrasing "You no longer have to do X in order to Y." Doesn't exactly have the same ring as "YOU CAN RUN UP A LADDER, JUMP OFF AND PLANCHA A DUDE THROUGH TWO TABLES!"

    Still, as I mentioned last night on Twitter, I'd definitely mark out for some dedicated improvements to submissions (I was the guy who asked for an old school style Lion Tamer). I actually like the SS system, but the wear downs are lame, lame, lame. I know you guys have a theme every year; if 2012 is the year of the submission, I'd get pretty emotional about that.

  5. I can get you more than half way there with one suggestion...

    Better crowd interaction. The crowd on raw was awesome! Really in to it! A good crowd can make tv...its sorely missing from svr. The sound doesnt seem to differ much. They should go nuts for a finisher and even more so for a title win.

    Ps. Cheers for pimping svrnerd on twitter yesterday!

    Work on the crowd. They dont need to look great...just sound great.

  6. Honestly, to get emotion from users of this series has to begin and end with AI. At this point, I feel like I can either beat the cpu easily, or the cpu can only beat me by reversing everything I do. I never have felt like the cpu has beaten me because it uses the strengths of the character against me... in other words... I always feel like I am playing the computer and not like I am wrestling the Undertaker. The cpu doesn't act like the Undertaker when it plays as him. I never am able to suspend my belief because the cpu never allows me to. The AI needs to be different for every character. It needs to play as if the real Undertaker were controlling the character. The problem with this series has always been the philosophy that increased difficulty equals more reversals. That isn't true to what happens in the WWE. A guy like Big Show isn't suddenly going to become some technical wizzard and be able to reverse every move by doing lucha libre style reversals... that just isn't true to life. The Big Show should be tough because he is bigger, more powerful and just smashes your face in. I think second most important thing that needs to change is character ratings. There is not enough difference between characters. It should feel completely different playing with Big Show, Kane, Undertaker etc than it does playing with Punk, HHH, etc. As it is right now, the ratings mean very little. I have many 40 rated CAS on 2010 and I can easily still beat 95 rated cpu superstars. That shouldn't happen.

  7. hey Marcus...new and improved submissions would be awesome ...crawling to the ropes to break the hold was an awesome feature in one of the older games...
    id also like to see some better crowd reactions...like a "bar" where you have to earn the fans respect or be hated..the more the fans respect you the louder they cheer and the more signs of your character you see in the crowd..the more they hate you the more they boo!

    Oh and if your gonna have SCSA in the game next year he needs a better Stunner...something more traditional to him

    Thanx ChunkDust

  8. Being able to control what moves a superstar does at certain times in a match, and how frequently. Some type of controllable AI logic sliders, ala Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, would allow for more dramatic matches, in my opinion.

    I've always loved to sim matches as a part of my very own pro wrestling world, and by the sounds of it, WWE Universe mode should allow me to book all my own story lines and angles without the headache of spending hours with story designer.

    Adding in some type of controllable AI Logic system would allow for some very emotional moments during matches - pulling out a big move at a certain logical time in the match, ensuring finishers end with a pin, being able to dictate things such as how many times a superstar will use top rope moves, etc. Being able to book a pure wrestling match, hardcore match, etc. would be so much better than the random "kick, punch, grapple" system currently in place for each and every match.

    Some of the most emotional game playing experiences for me have been watching epic matches being played out in FPR, and to have that level of control coupled with the stunning visuals and wonderful features in the SD series would pretty much ensure some truly jaw-dropping moments.

    in short, emotional.

    Steve L

  9. the ability to switch title with older ones...for example instead of having the wwe title the spinner version...we could change it to the Undisputed title,attitude era,winged eagle etc .

  10. Hey Marc, this is Jerren1 frm Twitter. I think the beginning of that is at hand with the Universe mode. I would build up on that so that it is damn near neck and neck with WWE programming. To you guy's defense it seems there are a lot more complex factors that go in to a "simulation" wrestling game than a basketball game. I love 2k11 but its not as ever-changing as WWE.

    Us fans have to be as realistic as the 2k11 fans and realise that are game makers are just as passionate about wrestling as we are. The Ultimate call is on the WWE. When WWE approves your request then you'll have a fan made game. THQ can give us the little things though, don't believe me, check out Triple H's entrance.

    I think what makes NBA 2k so great is that you can put all these legends against today's greats. I can't explain the loss of SCSA's vest or Christians wrist tape but, I don't think we watch the entrances everytime we play a match. Maybe for what it cost to fill a game with all the content we desire it doesn't balance out for what we pay for the game maybe we are asking for a $80-$100 dollar game in terms of what all they can supply us with.

    The Attitude era kids are still alive and kicking (this means you too Marc), lol. There aren't alot of legends to make a big impact like the ones we see every installment. In Nba 2k jordan is back and who do people compare? Jordan & Kobe. Not can Jordan take Big Baby Davis. So we have to think What if SCSA stunned Sheamus not "Oh, can Tajiri destroy Sheamus or take down the Nexus". I hate when people denounce the legends so I just hope they stay in every installment and put a larger selection and change there appearance each year or or give them alt attires.

    My Legend choices would be: Rock, Austin, Booker T, Bret, Savage, Warrior, Goldberg, HBK, Hall, Steiner, Andre, Debiase, yokozuna, perfect, Nash?? to be realistic. Back to the question at hand just adding a ton of cut scenes, the audience fighting area (SVR 2007), Create a Venue, Create a title, and please if possible have created character names called like they do in 2K. They had no jordan last year but when I created him he was anounced as Micheal Jordan so having a list of various ex wwe stars first and last name is perfect. We can have Hulk Hogan called or Hulk Lesnar if we please but this is ideal. Have more caw attire that has more to do with real wresting stars like NWO logos, Sequenced robes, ect. expanding the Universe mode so it is ever-changing will make the game more emotional. another lost feature that needs to return is the ability to choose the packaged characters as a "heel" or "face" and have the booing noticable at the entrance because champions, mid-carders, and Ham & eggers all get the same crowd pop in their entrance. Sorry if it sounds scattered, Lets all work together in making a great game that only needs to be updated with WWE new comers evey year. this means WWE, THQ, and fans need to create a forum were all three can be listen as well as be heard. To me THQ is mearly the middle man here, THQ can't put Savage in any more than WWE allowing them to and not any more than WWE could allow if the terms of creative uses with savage are not to the liking of both parties. IDK Marc just saying, I'm out peace.


  11. The most important thing for SvR is to have the crowd pop for near-falls (even manually released pins), and of course the end of the match. As it is now, they barely seem to react to anything, except in the post-match cutscene which takes a few seconds to trigger.

  12. Lets see Marcus, entrances get old fast during time... but a way to stop that is to make them more interactive.

    Allow us to control entrances, I want to be able to do my own walking/running down to the ring. If I want to taunt ill flip the joystick up/down/left.right to get a difrent one . If I want to slap the fans hands(face) or yell at fan(heel)then I press the right trigger to do so. If Im a heel and I want to cut a promo before the match, then I walk over to the announcer grab the mic and start talking trash about my opponent before he comes out. If I want to taunt on the turnbuckle, then Ill walk up to it, if not, then Ill taunt in the ring. If I want to attack my opponent before he enters the ring then I press a button and ambush him from behind. Say When my opponent makes his entrance, I should still be given a option to stay in the ring, or go outside the ring and pace around or taunting him.

    We should be graded on how well we do our entrance, and have a crowd reaction meter for face and heels.

    something like that would show emotion, and would be unpredictable each time you make and entrance.

  13. Hi Marcus. For me I believe that there are 3 important factors when it comes to feeling emotion in a SvR match.
    The crowd participation in a match I think is critical to make it as epic or in some cases 'booooring' in which you would have to up your playing style, Whether it is the back and forth or momentum between superstars that get the crowd roaring, or the booing of a superstars heated actions. The audience's participation in a match is just as important as the wrestlers and should be something highly considered.

    My second point is the commentary, I think that RTWM does a great job of carrying the story of rivalries and past actions and in previous SvR games the exhibition matches have been pretty lacking in depth and epicness. Hopefully this will change with the implementation of Universe, if anything I love the UFC game commentary and would adore it if the wwe games had the same if not more rack of emotion like anger, sympathy or even annoyingness (Vintage Cole!).

    My third and final point is something that I believe people would love or they would hate in the games. When I play a match, I'm always using the wrestler that I want to win. Now why that is indeed the general idea this isnt always play out on tv shows or ppv's (Undertakers loss at HIAC or Cena). If a mode was introduced where I could tell the game that I wanted the AI to do something specific within a match whether it be good or bad against my character, I think that that emotion would pour out of the match for me. Whether I told the AI to cheat in the game or my manager to betray me etc. Some might say to this 'well if you did that you would know the outcome of a match' not entirely becuase you wouldnt know when the AI would put your request into motion or even to turn the mode on to random, believing your going to win a match when really the AI is thinking of screwing you out of it would make my heart pound just as it does watching wwe week in wee out.

    I hope you atleast understand what I mean, I think you have done an incredible job this year as well.
    Let me know what you think if you can Marcus!


  14. Marcus listen...it was ALL crowd. That Raw would have SUCKED if the crowd wasnt in it. The crowd is dull and cheer at the wrong times. You guys made the crowd suck during the match, however great during the entrances but you should still have the crowd go even crazier for returns and such. You want to see emotion?
    Check this out:
    Mimic this.

    By the way, the lack of kids in the crowd also helped that out.

  15. I read great ideas in these comments, and I stand with the ones who empasized the importance of the CROWD.

    It really is the third man in the ring, a great crowd can turn an uneventful match in something EPIC. Just check out Rock vs Hogan at WMXVIII.

  16. Atmosphere.....The crowd need to pop more in the right moments, if the match goes on the crowd need to cheer more for near 3 counts. The Atmosphere between and Raw event and a Wrestlermania is identical this should not be so.

    Commentry needs to be re done, I remember the days when JR or Gorilla Monsoon would make a match feel more exciting then it actually is. The way they would burst a blood vessle at a title changing moment or a shocking story twist. It feels all so scripted in the games.

    ATMOSPHERE is what makes a WWE event sepecial... Think Rock v Hogan Mania X8, Austin V Rock Mania 17, Bret Harts return... All these events had different but electric atmosphere.

  17. I too second the crowd suggestions.

    Marcus, if you want to imitate real life WWE, you want the crowd to be true to the TV show, and get more excited as the match nears it's conclusion.

    For a near fall after a finisher, if a face is doing the pinning, the crowd could chant along with the crowd. 'One, two, th-OOOOH!' and have a big crowd pop there.

    Similarly the announcers should also get more excited as the match goes on.

    Atmosphere is important.

  18. Put lots of Legends in and you will get that emotion from me.

  19. The New Blueguy/Dagger OwlOctober 5, 2010 at 5:25 PM

    -- We need a Weak , Medium, and Strong-based grapple system similar to Fire Pro that allows us to pace the match realistically.

    -- We need a submission system that captures that epic moment of struggling to the ropes and finally grabbing them, fighting off a submission, fighting for a reversal and especially that point where time seems to be in slow-motion before the tap. (Read my post in the wishlist or my submission idea topic on this board or as Dagger Owl on the SVR Official forums)

    -- Taunts - heels should be able to enrage the crowd for a momentum boost and the opposite for faces. We should be able to taunt in mid-move (imagine Miz stopping to yell AWESOME!!!! at the crowd before slamming their hero's face first into the mat.).

    -- We need classic spots - a mini-game for the punch-off (Boo/Yay!!), the double knockdown, and even a co-op mini-game for crawling for the hot tag where one partner stirs up the crowd and they have alternate button presses as he crawls over to the corner.

    -- We need the possibility of passing out from submissions -- where the raises your hand and QTE pops up to count the three.

    -- We need to be able to hit finisher any time (just make the finisher harder to pull off) to adds more tension late in matches.

    -- The game takes injuries into effect during Universe so have the AI work over body parts - which in turn weakens or disables some moves so that we have to think about winning differently.

    -- Bring back the weight system and add wreight class and style strategies so we have chop down Big Show with leg kicks with Rey to win.

    -- Make double team moves done manually so that you actually have to work together in tag matches.

    -- In Universe or RTWM, give us additional superstar points for playing our roles either heel or face. For heels pushing the ref around or taunting the crowd while punishing the opponent or even beating them done after the bell.

    -- After reading the IGN preview today, you're off to a good start but take the RPG elements towards a more Mass Effect style dialogue/action system and allow us in Universe and RTWM to make our own choices and actions (I've always wanted to drop a partner with an RKO and leave them to lose a tag match to start a feud).

  20. Here are some things which I think should be implemented into Svr to draw emotions out of the player:

    In ring stuff (gameplay):

    -- Make the player work hard to execute each move

    -- Have detailed consequences for what you do in the ring and how you do it

    -- Improve the noises, grunts, squeals the wrestlers make in the ring (especially during submissions)

    -- Provide us with a concrete, in depth, realistic submission system - the one we have currently is garbage

    -- Definately IMPROVE THE CROWD NOISES DURING A MATCH; seriously this alone would add a ton of emotion to any match

    -- Improve the progression of match; in the beginning of a standard match we should see tie ups, holds, irish whips, turnbuckle moves etc etc........then later on in the match we should begin to see the bigger more impactful moves, proper submissions, double knock outs, mometum shifts etc etc

    -- Following on from the last point, the health of a wrestler needs to be adjusted correctly throughout a standard match; so in the beginning of a match your wrestler is quick, has full stamina and isnt hurt........then as the match progresses he becomes slower, starts to take 'breathers' more often, and isnt as agile; also his moves/actions become more visibly sloppy/slower due to decreased stamina

    -- During the middle/end of a match when the big moves are executed, I dont want to see my wrestler get straight back up after doing a high impact move on my opponent.........both the wrestlers need to stay down like they do in real wrestling --- the selling of the the attacking and defending wrestler needs to be improved

    -- (Following from previous point) I dont want to see my wrestler get right back on his feet after executing his/her finisher (especially during middle/end of a match); if they want to pin, they should crawl over like they do in real wrestling

    -- Make both wrestlers very sensitive to any offense towards the end of a match

    In summary, just make a match more life-like; make us have to work hard for everything we do in the ring; fast paced interactions in the beginning of a match followed by slow paced/delicate/sensetive interactions towards the end

  21. Marcus, have you read the most recent comment posted on your blog "It's the little things"? It was made on September 27 and I would say these are some great starting points to consider. Please take a look at it if you haven't done so already!

  22. Honestly, and I know I'm in the extreme minority here, but I felt last night's Raw was one of the worst I've seen in years (and not because I'm a self professed Daniel Bryan mark lmao.) I'm an old school fan who prizes believability and realism over soap operatics and humor lol. I just wanted more wrestling, primarily. And the fifteen second Diva matches are really starting to hurt my head. I will admit I did find myself feeling some real emotion, mainly out of empathy for the kids in the audience who genuinely believe in Cena and were agonizing over his decision along with him, though.

    As for what you could do to bring more emotion out of us... personally, I think the best untapped area of the game for this is the new Universe Mode. What's in this year sounds awesome, but if you can somehow find ways to make us feel as though the stories that take place therein have real depth, are dynamic, and make us feel emotionally invested (say, a similar level of investment and narrative as RTWM but with all of the freedom and control Universe is giving us,) then I think you will have created something truly unique not just in this franchise, but in gaming.

    I understand that it's an iterative process and would take some time to implement (possibly several games even.) But just imagine being able to feel that the rivalries, alliances, and title chases happening in Universe weren't just dynamically choen scenes, but rather parts of overarching narratives full of loss, revenge, triumph, friendships, betrayals, etc.

    It would go a long way toward making CAWs (er, CASs ;)) feel as important as Superstars and Divas, too imo.

    Anyway, just my two cents. Keep up the great work!

  23. Speaking of near falls...

    In the WWE the intensity that comes from thinking that match must be over and then the pinned opponent somehow getting an arm up.
    This has NEVER been created in a game and to create this drama i would LOVE to see a late in the match NEW animation for kicking out of pins where after big moves both superstars are slower to get up and pins echo this.

    Like the drape of an arm on the opponent, instead of the standard high energy hook the legs and the pinned opponent JUST getting an arm up at the LAST second, instead of the standard full speed kick out animations. I think adding this realism and drama to a match in SVR would be outstanding and equal EMOTION!

    Also creating more opportunities for CREATIVE moves and spots would be great. Being able to interact with arenas, climbing and jumping off barricades/ or running like Jeff Hardy used to do on them or being able to drape opponent on barricade and jump off of the ring apron ala RVD to the opponent on the barricade, doing moves on props at pay per view arenas, all of these things help add creative different ways to add to the match and get players more emotionally invested in the matches themselves.

    Thanks Marcus for all the interaction, very cutting edge way to progress a gaming series and I love being able to have my opinions/ ideas atleast heard by someone in the know. Appreciate it!

  24. reddeadmarshal nailed it with the AI comments. I have stopped purchasing SvR because of the AI but will try 2011 this year. If the AI has not improved (smarter not harder due to more reversals)I will be taking it back within two weeks. (not trying to come across in the wrong way but making an honest point)Anonymous reiterates my point with his comments about Fire Pro Wrestlings AI. People would SIM matches on FPW because the matches on a SIM FPW match creates more emotion than most matches on TV due to the intelligent way the match played out. Other ideas about getting emotion: heel turns like your partner leaving you during a tag match like Cena did Nexus last night or a faction heel turn like Evolution turning on Orton. A type of create a finisher that would be easy to implement would be putting your opponent on your shoulders and your tag partner coming off the top rope with his "top rope attack" to knock the opponent off. There would be an "oh Sh!t" moment each time a new one occurred.

  25. Heres what I think....

    -Drastically improve the reversal system, I mean what is wrestling without reversals right??; Reversing a finisher into a finisher @ critical points in a match is always fun

    -Give it a more of a UFC feel; the whole grappling system should be very sensitive and detailed

    -To make moves and actions less repetitive and boring, somehow apply Havok or Euphoria to them

  26. Hmmm I don't know how to explain this but implant emotions during matches.Say I'm playing as Jericho vs Cena,it's been 10 minutes and Cena keeps kicking out,so the cam could do a close up on Jericho showing anger and fatigue but while still being able to control jericho and not pause the game.And example two guys being so tired,u could try to use the ropes to get up but in a slow and tired way like Taker did when he was "weak".I think u get the idea just do the same thing we see on TV(frustration,hesitation,confusion,pain,fatigue....)
    Oh and as stated above cut the repetition from moves and fasten the pace.....

  27. I have always felt the longer a match goes the crowd becomes more into it. I would love to see PPV matches get the feel same as RAW and Smackdown. WrestleMania must have a special feeling for goodness sakes we have a mode called RTWM which I like. I would love to see WrestleMania and possibly the other "BIG" PPV's get a special treatment as far as look and presentation. Match they go back and forth with several close kickouts need that HBK vs Taker feel, like Cena vs Wade Barrett (sorry if I mispelled) very good emotion was brought out and we must have commentary and crowd audio involved.

  28. -Crowd audio needs to be a MASSIVE part of it. The worst, deadest crowds can make otherwise good matches and promos seem bad, and the best, most into-it crowds can elevate the emotion involved in mediocre matches and promos. Crowds in recent SvR games have sounded way too subdued and without real variation, with pops for finishers getting the same level of loudness as a spot from the top of Hell In A Cell. I want the crowd to be ALIVE for appropriate matches like HIAC, like MitB, likes Elimination Chamber, where the competitors are going above and beyond in unusual stipulations to win it.

    Of course, the CHA rating should go into it, but sometimes it needs to be overridden/ factored in with the match itself for the sake of drawing the player in. While Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu on Superstars should get substantial enough pops, it shouldn't reach the level of Cena, Triple H, Orton, Kane, Miz, and Daniel Bryan being the last people in the Royal Rumble.

    This extends to all facets where crowd noise matters, including storyline promos and entrances. High CHA main eventers should be getting massive pops or heat throughout their entrance, not just one instance when they come out that quickly dies down and again when they enter the ring.

    On that note, please look into improving the jeers for heels. Many times in SvR10, I feel like the only response given to heels, even with high CHA, is even more subdued cheers or no response at all. Heels are MADE to be jeered, and the crowd should be letting them have it when the heel taunts/is winning/wins.

  29. crowd mr. marcus!!! improve the crowd! and dont forget to improve for entrances and such too. there definitley good. improve the sounds in general and definitley improve story designer crowds. also include sound mixing. when stone cold returns the crowd should not be dull. it should be a huge pop but with cutscene creator we can only create one sound.

  30. Firstly, I really appreciate the level of openness thats been generated for this release. I hope it will evolve into a forum for THQ/WWE/Fans/Jukes to be able to make this game into the title that we all want to play.

    I believe this years' addition of the WWE Universe and Create A Match (I hope that' been confirmed) are an incredible start. I believe that wrestling is about people, choices and customisation. The more these elements are present in a game it makes for a better title. Obviously, you cant have everything but thats reality. However, there's nothing wrong in aiming for having as much as possible within the realms of what you can do rather than ruling out what you cant.

    I was reading the comments and I agree with reddeadmarshal's comments for being able to set the AI and to enable the game to either implement that or not. Also, I agree with Anonymous suggestion to be able to do your own thing when your CAS/Superstar makes his/her entrance.

    I really like the idea of taking the best elements of other games and making them into SvsRaw 2011, especially like the RPG element of WWE Universe. The more choices there are balanced with a realistic AI I think will make the game your own. I think however, this is a great way to kick off the decade for raising the bar in wrestling games.
    Great work so far, I hope there's more to come.

  31. The ability to interrupt grapple moves can bring about alot of emotion.

  32. There are three things that need to be worked on that currently DO NOT REFLECT the on-air product as it relates to getting the viewer to feel emotion and excitement towards what they are watching. CROWD. COMMENTARY. FINISHES.
    The CROWD needs to be MORE Interactive with the match as it happens. They do not need to constantly be loud and cheering, but rather KEY moments in the match need to bring the crowd to a frenzy, and as the match comes to it's climax the crowd should be LOSING their mind in a realistic manner. It's a very subtle thing for the viewer/player that having excitement being shown IN THE GAME will translate to feeling excitement while playing the game.
    Obviously, it may be very difficult to get ALL six of the announcers on WWE TV to come in and record hours of commentary, however it is something that ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to be worked on. EVERY SINGLE LINE of commentary in the game comes off as if the person was reading lines off a sheet into a microphone in a studio. IN FACT there are many times in the game where different announcers can be heard reciting the EXACT same commentary word for word as another announcer on another show. EVEN SO, that is not the problem, the problem is the extreme LACK of emotion being emoted by the announcers in commentary. UFC Undisputed has WITH OUT A DOUBT the greatest commentary of ANY SPORTS game because ROGAN & GOLDBERG recorded their lines with the same emotion they would showcase on the actual TV Show.

    HERE IS AN COMPARISON via two videos, between the emotionless SVR series and the amazing UFC commentary.
    SVR2011 FINISHES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rODxat4Tg10
    UFC Commentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGwszxo-AWo

    PS: OH AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE CROWD AND THE RING ANNOUNCER AS WELL IN THESE CLIPS. THE SAME THING ESPECIALLY goes for the RING ANNOUNCERS. When you win THE WORLD TITLE the ring announcer should not go: "Here is your winner and new champion, John Cena" It should be read as it would be read in real life "HERE IS YOOOUR WIIINNER!! AND NEEEEEEEW W.W.E. CHAAAAMPIIIONN!! JOOOOHHHHHNNN CEEEEEEEEENNAAAAAA!!!!!"

  33. Finally FINISHES need to be more exciting. I don't exactly have that many ideas off the top of my head as to how to do that, but I've seen a few suggestion in here that are cool. A Reversal To A Finisher needs to be more of a big deal. There needs to be some system in place that allows Finishers to reversed into character specific finishers. Obvious to save time this could only be done for the more popular finishers at first. No reason to waste valuable time creating animations for Zack Ryder's finish (no offense to him haha) when the concept is introduced.
    Another thing is that Finishers need to be able to come OUT OF NO WHERE. The concept of a Finisher being a FRONT FACING move or BACK FACING or whatever needs to be abandonned. Instead while it could still default to that, Something like John Cena's Attitude Adjuster should be able to be hit while your opponent is attempting to pick you up. Edge's spear should be hit WHENEVER he is running even if he was whipped (just so long as he reversed it somehow), And moves like the RKO or Sweet Chin Music should be able to be hit at nearly ANY TIME: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep7zaCgVGGs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfOx7RH-ZUc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3wj9BxRf0Y&feature=related

    OH and two counts and near falls near the end of a match need to be featured and be more important.