Monday, October 4, 2010

Hell in a Cubicle

I hope all of you had a great weekend. What did you guys think of the Hell in a Cell PPV? I thought the way they did the Cena joining NEXUS bit was very well done. I can't wait to watch RAW tonight. Cena in a NEXUS shirt? Wow. I know everyone loves Daniel Bryan, but I can't get over that silly smirk he has.

The message boards were on FIRE this weekend, and some of that heat was directed towards me. It's funny how much you guys take my words, interpret them the way you want to, and then broadcast out to the rest of the community your version of my words. Wouldn't a simple copy and paste do the trick? Anyway, there are a lot of opinions out there as to how we should have handled our roster reveal, and to be honest, if you guys weren't happy with it this year -- then I'm on board for finding another way as well. But when I say that I had nothing to do with it, I mean it. It was a PR thing for the reveal to happen with Gamespot, and then our web team took over the rest of the reveal. I know you guys want to know the roster in full -- but this just came across my desk, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

This is the day for the website on the next roster reveal, BUT if that day changes, please don't go insane and start freaking out. Just trying to show you guys that there is a plan, but like all plans -- sometimes they can change. So please be careful with how you react to this:

Oct. 7th

There you have it. Once again if this day changes, please just try to keep it in perspective. For example, if the guy who has to physically put these up on the site is sick one of these days, we obviously wait until the next day.

Take care, everyone!


  1. Thank you for being the voice of the people when it comes to SDVRAW. I'm looking forward to it this year more than ever, mostly because of you and you giving us so much info. So thank you, and at the same time damn you because now the next few weeks are going to be soooo long waiting for the best of the SDvRaw series.


  2. Hey Marcus,
    HIAC was a so-so PPV. Nothing exciting. The only part I really popped for was Cena getting pinned. I thought that bout played out extremely well. I'm no Cena-hater but him joining Nexus is a welcome change.
    First let me say, I've never personally felt anything negative about you. I actually think you're doing an awesome job! But I am one of the many who are a little pissed at the nature of the roster reveals and info releases this year. It's not frustrating to's frustrating to be kept in the dark. For example, we just found out a week ago that HIAC weekend would see a press event. It would have been good to know that the following Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever, that say...Gamespot would show a video or publish an article on CAW mode. Instead, everyone's left guessing and having to constantly check in every half hour of every day if they want to find out if the info's up yet.

    October 7th? There's a one scheduled for tomorrow no? It's supposed to be twice a week.

  3. Marcus, the impatient kids will one day grow up, get real jobs, then experience the hells of customer service. So I want you to mark a random date for in the future ( preferably 15 years from now) and when that day comes you grab yourself a martini, kick your feet up on the couch and just think to yourself: now they get it! --- JR

  4. Ditto what "JR" said above me lol.

    I liked the pay per view. I don't honestly think Orton and Sheamus are particularly adept at working a cage match, but that's just me as a fat fan sitting on his ass at home saying that so what right do I really have to say anything? Lmao.

    As for Bryan sorry... Daniel Bryan... being a long time indie fan, of course I love him and what he's doing in WWE. My advice if you want to enjoy him is to just "embrace the dorkiness." His gimmick is essentially to be as dumb and dorky as possible while still being a technical machine in the ring. The smirk is a part of that. He's like this tiny (seriously, I'm in horrible shape and not even counting the aforementioned fat, I still DWARF him lmao,) scrawny, nerdy, intellectual, wrestler who comes to the ring to Ride of the Valkyries and has a weird, goofy smirk.

    Just embrace the dork lol.

  5. You got to love it, when your getting heat from the kids, not for what you said, but what someones translation of what you said, goes wrong. People make a huge deal when they are the first to report something new, for some reason, and thats the main reason why they pick apart EVERY word spoken by someone like you. It just becoming something you can expect anytime you speak (or write, in this case)

    I love the roster reveal the way its going this year, and also the info holding to give fans something on a weekly basis rather than one huge reveal and weeks of just sitting and waiting for something we found out about a month ago. The one thing I see, is that it has to be hard for fans to justify their demand for info, these are the same people who buy games like GTA without knowing almost anything about the game, so to say that they need ALL the info before they buy the game, is kinda ridiculous.

  6. Don't mind a gradual release of info....but its a few weeks till svr 11 hits the shelves. There's 'tons' to reveal we're told and we don't know the roster. There's being strategic...and thers beating the process to death and dragging things out with no real point.