Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is the "Draft" Really that Big?

The WWE has announced that in addition to the LIVE Draft during tomorrow's Monday Night RAW, there will be a supplemental draft exclusively on in which the legendary "Fink" (Howard Finkel) will host. The supplemental draft will also feature a live chat.

So two things:

1.) Is the actual WWE Draft not enough draft? A 3 hour show will be featuring the draft tomorrow night, but instead of spending the time of the show on the draft itself, you know the WWE will have at LEAST two Diva battle royal matches to fill up space.

And if you can't stop thinking about the happenings of Monday's draft, that's ok, you'll have what the show should REALLY have been about on a website two days later?!!!

2.) I commend the WWE for using Finkel, but resorting him to their website is ridiculous. Keep him on the actual show in place of Lilian Garcia. I know, not as nice to look at, but you say you want to reach a younger audience so you're cutting back on the amount of "slut" you can pack into a two hour show. So what's with Garcia? Do you really think her voice will be ingrained in the heads of 12 year old WWE fans like "The Fink" was? I don't think that in 10 - 15 years, those kids are going to say "Man, Lilian Garcia was the voice of the WWE. Those were the days...." Keep Finkel on TV until he croaks. It's better than anything you have now. And don't insult him by putting him on your web (real) draft.

I'll have a preview of tomorrow's draft shortly.....

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