Thursday, April 16, 2009

WWE Superstars Review: The Debut Show 4/16

First, let me say that I had no expectations for this show. As a kid I sat through endless episodes of Sunday Night Heat holding onto hope that one day a main event type match would take place and I was left with disappointment. Despite questioning whether or not the quality of the show will be maintained, the only show where you can see superstars from RAW, ECW, and Smackdown had a promising debut. Let’s take a look at the night’s matches.

Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy

I was shocked to hear the show open with the distinctive music of the Undertaker as he walked to the ring to in his first public appearance since beating Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Matt Hardy came down to the ring and it was clear from the start that he was going to be the heel yet again. Seeing Hardy in this role is somewhat hard for me to believe because I have met him in person and he was an all around nice guy. Regardless, Matt does a good job of selling it.

The Undertaker dominated the match from the beginning and sat Hardy up for the finisher before he crawled out of the ring and intentionally caused himself to be counted out. As Matt walked up the ramp with the entire crowd booing him, his brother Jeff ran out and attacked him. The two fought back in forth, before Matt ran into the ring and into the arms of the Undertaker who delivered a devastating choke slam to end Hardy’s night.

Christian vs. Finlay

These two were fighting for more than just pride as the winner would go on to Backlash to face ECW Champion Jack Swagger for the belt. Christian is the type of guy who can carry a match against anyone he is facing and adjusts well to their style. The match started out as a hard nose technical battle just how Finlay likes it. Finlay continued to force a physical match, but made a critical error after running Christian into the corner and was finished off with the "Killswitch."

I get the fact that Christian is a “fresh” face in the WWE again, but he needs to be on RAW. He has always been a main event attraction and that is why Vince brought him back. If you’re going to bring the guy back, then give him the push that he deserves and the fans want! Anyone who questions my thought process here, go back and watch any of his matches at TNA and/or his classic WWE matches.

Shane-O-Mac vs. Cody Rhodes

First things first, Shane might have my favorite entrance in wrestling. Let’s face it, Shane is not your typical athlete, but he is a great showman and will serve the company well along with his sister when it is time for Vince to pass the torch. Should I buy a Shane-O-Mac shirt?

The match started out with Shane taking the fight to Cody and even showing some submission skills. He put Cody in an arm bar triangle. Can you believe it? Shane continued to take the fight to Cody and rammed his head and left arm into the ring post and continued to work on the arm in the ring. For a second, I thought Shane paid for lessons at the Dean Malenko School of Wrestling.

Shane continued to force the action with his high flying offensive attack and dropped Rhodes to the concrete floor outside of the ring. After five minutes of domination, we all knew that it was time for Shane to take a bit of a beat down and that’s what happened. Rhodes choked and taunted Shane repeatedly and had the match well in hand before he let his cockiness get in the way. He bulldogged Shane from the top of the ropes, continuously kicked him in the ribs, tried to beat Shane with a steel chair and punched him in the face. After being thrown out of the ring, Shane grabbed the steel chair and beat Rhodes with it. That was just the beginning. Shane then grabbed a trashcan, put the can over Rhodes head, and hit him with the “Coast to Coast.”

What a way to end the show! I like the angle of using the McMahons with Triple H and showing the family unity, but I’m curious to see how they are going to play this out at Backlash. I wouldn’t be shocked if someone (Batista) does not turn their back on Triple H and cost him the title. The feud has to end somewhere and take the focus off of the McMahons. Seriously, Vince is 63 years old and still out there performing at a high level. It’s time to give the guy a break.

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