Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. "I Take Wrestling Way Too Seriously"

I was never a "belt" guy. No, not belts to hold your pants up (those are necessary), but wrestling belts. As a fan, I couldn't think of a "cool" way to wear a belt made up of plastic and foam. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could buy an "authentic" belt made up of metal (which is even worse IMO).

Where were you going to wear it? If you took it to a match, were you suddenly "cool?" Were people walking by starring at your belt while you were in the arena or elementary school gym? If they were, they weren't goggling in admiration, they were wondering why you bought a belt that cost more than the payout the wrestlers would receive for that one night in Spokane, Washington. How about the grocery store? Or school (yeah, you didn't get beat up)? That's right, you DIDN'T WEAR IT! So you bought a belt to wear once, and then while you were alone in your own home, you'd occasionally put it on in front of the mirror and pose. It's ok Mr. "Belt guy", god only saw you.....

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