Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Touch of Nostalgia...

Do you remember the days before the WWE said "Don't Try This?" What were you "trying this" on? These bad boys of course! When I was a kid, you weren't cool unless you had one of these. The boys version of stuffed animals was the bees knees. You weren't a wuss if you had one, you were a legend! Whenever there was a sleepover, everyone in your clique would bring their own (mine was Hulk Hogan of course) and you all would put on matches. It all ended with everyone using them as pillows to beat each other with, but pre-mind fart, the matches you put on were epic!

Don't tell me you didn't recreate the Wrestlemania VII moment, and do the flying elbow off the arm of the couch onto the Ultimate Warrior 5 times. You did, so did I, and so did everyone else! Why? Because we're men and men didn't play with stuffed animals, we beat the shit out of them.

Wrestling Buddies, I salute you!


  1. Wrestling buddies! I had Hogan, Warrior and the Legion of Doom. I say "had," but I really mean "have" since they're piled away in a closet with all my other old wrestling stuff. I'm keeping them so someday when I have kids I have an excuse to play with toys again.

  2. There's always an excuse to break out the wrestling buddies!