Sunday, April 12, 2009

What SHOULD Happen in the WWE Draft (but probably won't...)

As we approach tomorrow's 3-hour RAW extravaganza featuring the annual WWE Draft, we do know two things:

1.) It'll most likely under deliver - The WWE Draft, like Wrestlemania is a yearly opportunity for the company to dramatically shift things without an explanation. They can end / start feuds, introduce or kill storylines, and most importantly launch a deserving wrestler's career. The WWE clearly has not seen this as a golden opportunity to re-right (or rewrite) the ship.

2.) There will only be 12 Superstars involved (at least on TV). You'll have the opportunity to witness the "Supplemental Draft" on Wednesday over at

Triple H, John Cena, Edge, Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Batista, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho will probably be the 12 wrestlers highlighted (big shock), but I wanted to focus on a few others that would make tomorrow's "draft" more interesting if they were involved.

John Morrison - ECW (Currently)

Are you kidding me? Morrison's obviously done something wrong to have been on the ECW roster for so long, and I know what it is.....he's been too good! Seriously, does Morrison not remind you of a young Shawn Michaels? This guy's got the charisma, and athleticism to really shine in the WWE.

My Recommendation:
Put him on Smackdown to rejuvenate the Intercontinental Title like a Mr. Perfect.

Christian Cage - ECW (Currently)

Vince, I know he was in TNA. I know you don't think he's a main eventer, but guess what? YOUR FANS DO! Christian has already had one of the best matches of the year (and it's just begun). Christian 's stint in TNA really did him well as he's gained a new found charisma (no pun intended) that can put him over the top in the WWE.

My Recommendation: Put him on Smackdown, like Morrison, to compete for the Intercontinental title.

Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes - RAW (Currently)

I put these two superstars together because they're exactly what the WWE needs to bring the tag team division up to snuff. Even if these two couldn't wrestle for shit (which they can), fans still like to see them in action because it gives them those warm and fuzzy feelings thinking about the golden days of the WWE (yes I'm talking about their fathers).

My Recommendation: Put these guys on RAW and give them tag team gold!

Kofi Kingston - RAW (Currently)

Kofi is already a former Intercontinental Champion, and he has arguably the most catchy entrance music in the WWE. Kofi's a great athlete, with mic skills that need developed. He could be a face in the Intercontinental title hunt.

My Recommendation: Put Kingston on Smackdown to develop his mic work, and compete for the Intercontinental title.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger - RAW / ECW (Currently)

Could these guys not be the new "Hollywood Blondes?" Swagger and Ziggler have the physiques and charisma to be a great tag team. Let them develop as a tag team before bringing them into singles fame (although Swagger has already captured ECW gold -- which doesn't really count).

My Recommendation: Put them on RAW to compete for the tag team titles.

So there you have it. If the WWE saw tomorrow night's draft as an opportunity to reinvent itself and two divisions that have been under appreciated for so long, rather than a space filler to focus on the same key talent (I know, ratings), we might all be in for a good year ahead. I surely doubt it though because after all, a WWE writer's only requirement is a 4th grade reading level.

Take a RISK WWE, we all want to see it!

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