Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New "Legends" Added as Downloadable Content for Smackdown vs Raw 2009? (WTF!)

So THQ goes and makes this wrestling game (Smackdown vs. Raw 2009) that features the current superstars. They claim that legends will be featured in the next game that they released (Legends of Wrestlemania). That's cool, I get it. You can also transfer all of the current superstars from SvR '09 to your LoW game. That's really good too. So now I can take the new legends that they're adding to SvR '09 to my LoW game (because it naturally makes sense) because they are LEGENDS after all. WRONG! You cannot transfer DLC from SvR '09 (as proven with SvR '09's first batch of DLC) to LoW! (ugh) Nice life......

The DLC Pack #2 Features:

1.) Earthquake
2.) Vader
3.) The Bushwackers
4.) Doink

Pretty cool idea guys. Wrong game :(

You can view screens of the new DLC wrestlers on

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