Monday, April 13, 2009

Milt McGee(?) Announces: "TAZ Will Speak Out!" Do you Really Care?

So if you didn't know, Taz has a Facebook page. Yeah, I don't care either.

What I do find hilarious though is the fact that his page announces things as if he's a medieval king about to take his seat on the throne of all things Facebook. His page even sports a logo (pic to the left) with the words "Taz on Facebook." Funny, I didn't get that when I went to HIS Facebook page. I now think it should be a requirement for all people on Facebook to have a similar logo announcing their long awaited arrival. Maybe they'd be allowed to change the font....maybe not. That Taz font looks so rad!

How would "Stephanie on Facebook," or "Daequon on Facebook" look to you? Ridiculous right? But when Taz gets on Facebook, it is a celebration! He doesn't even have to talk to you, he has someone else post for him. It's because Taz is so busy right now being out of work that he can't post two lines on his Facebook profile.

"early next week (week of 4/13/09) Taz will address you his fanbase right here on the his NEW Facebook page! Taz will have his 1st public statement since leaving the WWE...stay tuned!"

This is just too good. Thanks Taz for getting "Milt McGee" (has to be a pen name) to let us know that you'll "address" your fanbase (which appears to only be Daniel Saunders) on your "NEW" (and unlike everyone elses) Facebook page.

Oh Taz, you're too young not to understand the "internets." Shame on you.

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