Thursday, September 9, 2010

Concerning the Roster...

I would first like to thank all of you for making our WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 Roster Reveal event, a true web EVENT! The hype felt like it was at an all-time high, and in my opinion, the roster didn't disappoint. Why is that, you ask? Well, if the worst thing that you guys could say about our roster was that we didn't have Superstars who were released by the WWE in it, then I would see we are off to one heck of a start!

Now, a few things:

1.) Nexus - Did you think that the Superstars in Season 1 would form a rebel group, and become the biggest thing in Sports Entertainment in the past 5 years? No, and neither did we - that's what made it WORK.

2.) Released WWE Superstars - We did not announce these guys at the Roster Reveal, because they weren't a part of the WWE anymore. We do have some of the Superstars, so please stay tuned via our official website for more information.

3.) Batista - he's in the game, and he has his "spotlight entrance."

4.) Tiffany - she's in the game, but as a non-playable character

5.) Assumptions - It is totally our fault for not communicating to you guys that we had more Superstars to reveal at a later date. I apologize for that, because I did not know until that day. But please don't assume that "your guy" is not on our roster until we reveal everyone. There is no reason at all to see the threads: "THQ Failed again," or "Roster Sucks." That's pretty premature, and I can assure you that our roster is one of the most up to date we've ever had.

6.) Shad's Alternate Attire (ACTUAL ATTIRE) - I constantly hear from you guys, that you want our game to be as up to date as possible. So JTG and SHAD split, and SHAD comes out with his new white attire. We've already created Shad, we didn't know they were going to split, so instead of keeping him in his CT attire, we make him in his whites. Obviously this was past our deadline, and that's why we decided to put him in DLC. I see some people say that other superstars should get alternate attire before SHAD. I would completely agree if Shad were up to date to begin with, but he wasn't.

Now that the Roster Reveal talk is over, I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be on the podcast later tonight, and then tomorrow -- on the GR8 podcast. I'll try to have the game pulled up, so I can answer questions in much greater detail.


  1. Thank you for the updates and clarifications, Marcus.

    I understand that you guys are not privy to most anything the WWE has planned, but I really hope you guys are able to salvage the work may have done on Daniel Bryan and get him in for a future DLC pack. If not, then I look forward to kicking heads in in "that future game."

    I also understand you were going on the evidence presented to you when deciding who from NXT1/Nexus would be in. But, Otunga is reeeaaallly unpopular. His name and "can't wrestle" are rarely not in the same sentence. If it were up to me, Darren Young or Skip Sheffield would replace him. Or maybe another Legend.

    I'll be watching/chatting in both podcasts under the name "Lanoom1." They should be a blast!

  2. The three NXT guys that made it were the finalist, guess that really shouldn't be a surprise. But any chance for Danielson in a later DLC pack? Or he going to be strictly SvR2012 material now assuming he's around at the time? On the bright side, he should be a rather easy to make as a created wrestler, hopefully with some of his moves intact or close replacements.

    With Shad I think that's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. I don't really care either way but if he wasn't getting a attire update some people would still complain that he looks out of date. Who knows, when he comes back he might even get a push.... Hopefully with his more recent ring gear intact, haha.

    Personally, the roster isn't that big a deal since more often than not they're just fodder for my created wrestlers to beat up. It was a lot more disappointing to find out that apparently the PS3 version is still limited to 32 layers versus the XB360's 64...

  3. And yeah, I assumed that with the show starting in February the ones that were "no brainers" of really making it to the main roster would be in the game, ahhh well. I thought WWE shared more info with plans than that or at least I could've sworn that they use to..

  4. When I was ten, my dad took me to MSG for Wrestlemania X. Even though the main event ended up being Bret Hart vs Yokozuna, there was part of me that was disappointed it wasn't Lex Luger vs The Hitman for the belt. I'm pretty excited about recreating this in 2011 with the Luger DLC. I'll cross my fingers for the USA trunks and the feathery mullet.

  5. do the bella twins have ring attire

  6. Can you tell us when will you reveal the missing superstars???

  7. By the Way. What happened to The Great Khali? heis with the WWE in a long time, was featured in past games and wasn´t released,why wasn´the in the roster?

  8. Hey Marcus I understand what you say and I don't expect The Uso, Bryan Danielson, and all the other new guys. Understandable... THQ works very hard and I can see all the work paid off. I'm also surprise at No Great Khali even as DLC. Still Best Roster Hands Down.

    Gamingring has suggestions for 2012 checkout link...

  9. Since some work has been done on Daniel Bryan already and he has such a simple attire, I would think he could easily make that third DLC pack. I just hope the creators don't hold him back due to his popularity as a selling point for 2012, since he may be one of the few new desirable characters for next year's game.