Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. THQ and Gamespot, proudly bring to you, the WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 ROSTER REVEAL!

I do miss the New Age Outlaws...

Is it wrong that I'm more excited for the roster reveal, because I know that I won't get asked "when is the roster reveal?" anymore? Anyway, Gamespot is going to webstream the event LIVE at around 3-3:30 PST. Don't miss it guys, you're in for a treat :)

I have some work to do today for that game I can't talk about, but everyone knows is coming out at around this time next year. It's more of a brainstorming task, but that's usually when I can get really creative about things.

I'm just reminding you guys, because I'm seeing it on the boards a lot lately, never assume anything is "easy" to put in the game. There's a TON of legacy code (old code) in the game that we replace with new stuff (new engine), and it's a very slow process, so that we don't make mistakes. In the business of annual titles, you can't afford mistakes, or more importantly, time wasted in the production cycle.

After we all finish our creative briefs for what we want in that game I can't talk about, I think a Japan trip will be happening -- looking forward to going again.

What did you guys think of the NXT Season 3 premier last night? I thought it was very interesting to see programming centered around Divas. I must admit though, if I did not work on a wrestling game, I don't know how long it would hold my interest after the first installment. I'll keep watching though, but I really did Kaitlyn for some reason...

Quick one today, guys, but the real news is coming today at 3/3:30 PST. Lots to talk about in tomorrow's blog!


  1. New age outlaws rule, 6pm Eastern cant come soon enough. And I'm not really a fan of NXT show. The 1st season was so slow and lacked any direction I just cant do it.

  2. I'm surprised WWE didn't edit out their 2 matches seeing as this was taped a few hours before it aired. They should have edited out that ending in the first tag match. Miss-Communication on everyone's part. They should have also edited Aksana's botch in the second match. I mean these are the reasons the show wasn't live so you can edit mistakes like that. Why did they keep them? I have no idea.

    As for the Roster Reveal! HELL YEAH! Finally!

    Good Luck on that game you are making *wink* lol Hopefully our ideas really help you guys out in making yet another great installment!

  3. I know I've been annoyed just reading a question about the roster every other post on the Community boards, so I can't imagine how you must feel. lol People wonder why questions don't get answered when they don't even bother to go back and read to see if it's already been asked! Hopefully all the roster questions stop after today, although I can see people complaining that "X" isn't in or asking if they are DLC. :/ At least most will finally move on to something else once all is said and done later this afternoon. Hope all goes well! I'll be tuning in to watch the stream on Gamespot.

  4. OMG is that a hint that the Outlaws are confirmed?!?! Can you confirm The Roadie and Mr. Ass as alt. attires?(Just kidding!)

    Excited about the barrage of news later on, it's always nice to have something to look forward to during the dreary, endless work day (not all of us have the luxury of working on wrestling games for a living :-P)

    I haven't really been able to stomach an episode of NXT since the show premiered. I appreciate what they're trying to do, but the whole pseudo-reality format just kind of falls flat for me. I think I'd enjoy it more if they eliminated the contest aspect of it and just made it a third, minor league brand like ECW was. Not that I regularly watched ECW either...

  5. About that certain game you're working on for next year...

    Universe mode is DEFINITELY the right direction (though I obviously haven't played it!).

    More realistic and sim-like...I want to pop in the game and have my own version of WWE...and perhaps the ability to create an arena, some titles and create a complete brand of my own (or a real one - WCW, ECW etc.)

    Legends are always welcome in my eyes too. I know we can't have Hogan but that's my era and I love blending them into the current rosters.

  6. They revealed 53 people! who are the rest of them? they said it was over 70+. so ther is about 20 people missing. Who are they?

  7. Normally I wouldn't care much about the roster past what entrance animations, pyro, videos, and move sets they can give my CAWs. Normally, I only really give attention to the established roster when it comes to RtWM. However, with WWE Universe's apparent potential, I may see myself becoming more involved in that regard.

    That said, Luger was the biggest surprise. Please tell me the Torture Rack is a Struggle Submission!

    As far as NXT3 goes, I am solidly behind Naomi to win it. However, overall as someone who takes womens' wrestling as seriously as the guys, I feel like it's the epitome of what's wrong with WWE's current approach. Not only because they put in women who prove to be wastes of time and space (unless you're in the so-bad-its-good camp, I guess), but because I think they're missing a HUGE opportunity to put on real talent and put the creative effort into getting the audience to care about what they do in the ring and as characters.

    But, as it stands, I am so grateful for SvR's restrictions against the Divas being lifted so I can at least play with my female CAWs and the Divas (that seems to becoming more and more of a dirty word...) in compelling fashion.