Monday, September 13, 2010

We Want YOU to Get Involved

I hope your weekend went well, it was a fantastic Saturday for me (Buckeyes won), but a very sad end to Sunday night (Cowboys lost). Oh well, I'm at least glad that football season is back.

How are you enjoying Friday Night SmackDown as of late? I just love Alberto Del Rio, and wish he were in our game this year. For him alone, I can't WAIT until next year...."but you already knew that."

I'm not quite sure what to think of NXT Season 3 yet. I think Kaitlyn is great though ;)

Now, to the main reason for today's blog. We are already starting on that game I can't talk about, but you know is coming out around this time next year. With that said, the MINUTE you get WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011, start beginning to look at the game with a very critical eye. Once you've done that, please get all of your likes, concerns, questions, and suggestions into us ASAP so that we can take action for that game you know is all coming out, but I can't talk about. We really want all of you actively involved, and that is the main reason why I have taken an active role in the community speaking to all of you.

I want what you want, but it is up to you guys to tell us what you want. I promise it will not fall on deaf ears, and as long as you understand what we go through on a year to year basis, then I think expectations will be in check and we'll make a fantastic game. Make sense? I hope so.

Now that the main subject for this blog is out of the way, I wanted to send a thank you to Ringside Collectibles for their excellent work in carrying the tradition of Pro Wrestling figures. I was / am still a huge collector, and am currently obsessed with my Mattel Legends Series 2 "Ravishing" Rick Rude figure.

That's all for today, but I've been reading all of the boards (and comments on my blog). My Twitter account is blowing up with questions, so I'm really doing my best -- please be patient if I can't answer you.

Tuesday, I'll be on the podcast (I actually will this time). I apologize for the frantic work schedule last week, and it was my fault that I wasn't on theirs and the GamingRing podcast. I'll be on both this week, thanks again for your patience.

Enjoy RAW tonight.


  1. If 2012 comes with the ability to import CAWs from 2011, I'll be a happy camper. ;)

  2. Where would we send suggestions and feedback? I have a list of things I think would be great features that could be implemented in the series but I don't know who to contact. It's a long list so I can't Tweet it

  3. Where can we post suggestions?

  4. Theres 2-3 things i look for every year on SVR games each year there not there anymore :( 1. GM Mode/Create a PPV. 2. Hardcore matches allowing free roaming around the arena. and finally 3. A Editable Royal Rumble match allowing you to leave the ring and change the rules to finfall and submission like the old WWF No Mercy games. for me them 3 things and a good roster would make SVR perfect

  5. -Faster & smoother game play like HCTP

    -A Free roam hardcore Match

    -I Quit Match

    -Stretcher Match

    -Climb titantrons like HCTP

  6. Will do. I always make a list of concerns I have each year. For what it's worth, this is the first year so far that ALL of them have been addressed in some form!

  7. If you dont have double sounds on DAS then put that in next year. I dont want to come out to a boring return of the Rock. (I'm talking about the cutscene creator. One sound should be music and other should be crowd going crazy

  8. We need back the two out of three falls mode.

  9. ok 1st i think the game gets better every year
    but a few things are needed (they may be in this year not sure)

    1) item on a pole match

    2) the glass smash annimation on the chamber pods

    3) The Punjabi Prison Match

    and now for some stuff that i dont thinks in this year

    4) create a championship

    5) create a arena

    6) 10 slots for each SS Threads
    (i always ran out lol)

  10. Firstly, GO BLUE! Maybe this year will be the Wolverines' year. :)

    Now, if you're still here:
    -When Alberto gets into the "next game" make sure the sound of his car honks are as accurate and loud as possible. HONK HONK. And also his custom ring announcer. And pyro. And scarf. All are vital!

    Now for my true concerns:
    -Of course, less restrictions for the women. I very much hope you guys will get past whatever technical issue is barring six-woman matches, because you've done excellently in getting them into more match types. The last two I really want are Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble, both of which can happen once this problem is solved.

    -Create-A-Belt would see a welcome return, especially with the extensive ability to set WHAT it's for. Please don't let real life hold you back. Men's and Women's Singles, Men's and Women's 2- and- 3-person Tag, Mixed Tag, Men's and Women's S Hardcore/Extreme Rules, anything should be able to have a belt attached to it.

    -Lastly before I get to play the new game, allow custom entrances to be compatible with championships. This is NOT to say that the championship entrances should be taken out; both can easily co-exist for players to choose from.

    And that's the important thing, I think: player choice. It's nice that the game is trying to be sim, but it should not impact to greatly on the players' choice to customize their experience.

    Thank you and keep up the good work. :)

  11. Backstages areas must be connected to the ring in the next game in a Falls Count Anywhere match or in a no DQ match. We should also be able to fight in the alley between the crowd.

    Wrestlemania arena will have to be bigger than the other one. We have to fell the 70 000+ fans. (I don't think you have to do the mo-cap twice because of that, just make the wrestlers walk more longer during entrances).

    Thanks for reading.

  12. Well I like the direction of the series and I appreciate that THQ has so many of you guys taking time out to talk to the fans and see what we want. I'm not expecting all of my ideas to be added. But when I get the game I will write up my issues and do a youtube video on the game too. appreciate your hard work Marcus and Thank You for making the game better. That "next game" will have to live up 2012 hope THQ is ready for that test. But with the ideas I see on boards I trust you guys with future of WWE Games. Bring Back LOWM 2 with Smackdown controls. Thanks