Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Hey everyone,

Life has been pretty busy for me over the past few weeks. But it has been the "good" busy. After our post-SummerSlam hangover, we're starting to shift our creative attention to that game that everyone knows is coming, but we can't announce. We were looking at things we could do online yesterday, and WWE Universe came up. So my question is to you guys, what would you want out of online and WWE Universe (as you know it so far)?

My first day on our official message boards was pretty good, but it does frustrate me to repeat the same answer about our roster questions over and over again. I do get the excitement (I was one of you), but please do a little research before you ask, because I don't want to:

1.) Be a prick and not answer
2.) Risk other questions not being answered for repeating an answer to a previous question

I'm really excited, because Jon Durr (another one of our designers) will be coming on to the official SvR boards very soon, and will help share the questions load.

Now, to end with a pet peeve of mine. I promise that I won't sound so negative in all of my blog posts in the future. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't try and bait me. What is a bait you ask? Well, here's an example:

"Is blah blah blah in the game? Did you actually listen to the fans this year and put blah blah blah in the game? If not, you guys just want to make money, and don't care about us." (I'm fuming just writing this -- haha)

That my friends, is a "bait." Just a little fyi, it won't work. I've been around the block, and know every trick in the book. Here's the result of what will happen if you try and bait me:

1.) Will first call you out on it
2.) Will then not respond

I said that I'll always answer you honestly, but please don't give me an ultimatum -- if I didn't care about the fans, I wouldn't be here -- end of story. It isn't in our job description to post on Twitter, write your own blog, or post on message boards. We're designers / producers, and that's what we get paid to do. I truly believe that communicating with all of you helps US make a better game -- don't prove me wrong, please.

I lied....

I said I would end with that last comment, but I'm actually going to end with some common misconceptions:

1.) "You guys are all money grubbing evil empire people" -- Actually, if we were in it for the money, we wouldn't be very happy. I don't drive a porsche, I drive a Volkswagen Jetta (nice life, I know)

2.) "You guys do things just to spite us" -- No, we have timelines, and make an annual title. If we could get everything you want in the game, we would certainly do that. We make the game for YOU.

3.) "Cory Ledesma is a monster" -- Cory has a very tough job, and has to call the shots -- everyone who does this is commonly looked at as a "monster," but if you were in his position, you would have to make tough calls too.

4.) "SvR is the same game every year" -- That's laughable. Please go back and play the games, and you'll see that's not the case.

You guys are all great, and we couldn't do it without you! I'm really excited about SvR '11, and can't wait for the future with all of YOU on board helping make our games that much more special.


  1. Well said and I am looking forward 2 the title more because of the talks with you which has made this years title feel like I had something to do with it,

  2. Marcus,

    When not moonlighting as a closeted wrestling fan blogger, I work as the assistant to a rather well-known public figure. I often spend my days fielding phone calls from people who seem to think that it's their god given right to have all their wishes, complaints, and opinions heard and promptly addressed. I'm often in the same position you seem to be, where I'm swarmed by people who toss away any semblance of human decency aside to hassle me and demand I drop what I'm doing and cater to them. I'd never get anything done if I did.

    I'm a huge fan of the SvR games and I find it amusing that the game's fanbase offers the same kind of nasty criticisms and, as you say, baiting tactics, that I often see at my own day job. God help us all if the SvR community took up a political cause. There would be riots in the streets (probably in Times Square, as a brutal ode to HCTP.) I suppose my point is, no matter what you do, you're going to encounter self-entitled douche bags. It's just unfortunate when the polite, appreciative voices get drowned out by the frothing mouth breathers whose apparent sole mission in life is the elimination of the crotch blur. (In fairness, "crotch blur" is just kind of fun to type.)

    With that being said, could you please confirm if Nexus is in or not!??


    Keep up the solid work, dude.

  3. Online is my smallest concern by far.

    To be honest, I didn't even have XBL until SVR2010 came out. I subscribed to XBL just to be able to download created wrestlers from Community Creations in this game. When I found that they couldn't be edited, I canceled my XBL subscription.

    Now that you *can* edit them this year, I just might subscribe again. But really, for me, gaming is an outlet I pursue when I want to be away from everyone and do my own thing. The online component is not very important to me at all. Downloading creations and being able to edit them is very nice, though.

  4. First, NEVER take anything said on a forum, to heart (That goes for Cory or any other person as well) Fans have a misconception as to how the business and developement side of creating a game works, or they just dont care. Some even believe that the game only takes a few months to complete and finsh.

    Understand that your dealing with all types of fans when going on forums. Your talking to people between 12 and 40, they think differently. Heck, there are fans who believe that the WWE changes things like titles, just to spight the game

    No matter what forum you go on, you will run into the "We want it NOW" fans and nothing is good enough otherwise. These are people who watch videos of the same event, and then complain that the last 5 videos had the same info that the first one did. They are also mostly the fans who believe that last years 60 bucks paid for the right to demand info whenever they want and to be acknowledged by people like you on a daily basis.

    Just know, that it is great to hear from you guys and many fans are extremely thankful, that you guys are willing to take the time. Please, keep up the good work and dont waste your time getting frustrated by the impatience, it happens all the time.

  5. Hey,
    We're not all demanding morons...though sometimes it does come across that way. I work on the web and I find that it's just that people (especially teens) think that normal everyday politeness and decency isn't required while on the internet. In real life, they'd be kissing your ass and saying 'please sir can you answer some more'...

    Anyhow, Universe mode...from what little I know, I have one main 'worry': That the shows/PPVs will be limited by a small number of matches on each (I messaged on the official SVR board about this). Another thought, not based on anything I've seen, is that it might be repetitive...the same cut scenes running over and over, just with different superstars in the roles. Other than that, I'm one of the ones that is hyped for 2011 based almost entirely on this one mode! I used Story designer last year to script and play out was HARD work, especially with the CAW limitations. It'll be nice to play without limits and let the game take care of the cut-scenes and rankings etc.

    Overall, I'm amazed at how much you guys added this year. I'd have bought it solely based on the new physics engine but that with everything else is WAY more than expected.

    One last thing that would make the game beyond awesome (that hasn't already been said to not be included) is more freedom with match stipulations. In other words, select say, 6 man tag match. Then select rules such as pins, submissions etc. but also things like single fall or eliminations, bets 2 out of 3 falls or falls count anywhere.

    Oh, and before I stop spamming your blog, something that has bugged people for YEARS is the backstage brawls ending in KO's. It weird to be honest. Why not a ref and pinfalls?

    Anyhow, I appreciate your time (if you read this far that is!).

    Lost Marble Media

  6. I like Lee's post I would like to see more match return that we do get to see like "I Quit", Strecher Match, 2 out of 3 falls, 3 stages of hell (which with rules can be 2 out of 3 falls) I will write to you from another communication hopefully you can respond.

    As far as the fans go they ask for a lot some I excuse because they really are just ignorant. And don't know how many times a question has been answered. But it has been cut down tremendously since waiting to unveil info about the game.

    I appreciate the hard work and I hope we are just as excited about SvR2012 * wink wink * oops I mean new game your may be working on. 2011 I try not to hype because the hype is all you make it out to be.