Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Work Week Should Start on Tuesday

You know that feeling you get when you walk into work on Monday? When was the last time that you actually felt GOOD about being at work on a Monday (no matter where it is)? I'll bet though, that you feel great when you have had a Monday off, and your work week starts on Tuesday. I love vacation as much as the next person, but at the end of the day I like to keep busy as well. Three to four days off is just fine for me, and I'm up and perfectly happy to be where I'm at (THQ) this morning. All because of one day.

I'm looking forward to this week. Tomorrow, you will all finally see our SvR '11 roster reveal. We have some big surprises for you, and throughout the webcast I know you will all be thinking; "What could possibly happen NXT?"

I'm going out with my wife and a few friends for dinner tomorrow night. The special guest of the evening though, will be none other than Austin Aries from ROH. One of my friends is best friends with Austin, and is going to bring him along -- should be a dope time.

Over the past weekend, I've seen a lot of people disappointed with some of the answers that Jon Durr, and myself have been giving. They are small details, but I agree, and welcome the disappointment. We want all of this too, and it's important that the community collectively voices their opinions on the subjects they see as detrimental to the game, so that we have all the backup we need to enforce change. I believe what separates good games from great games is the small details (See MLB 10: The Show). We'll get there guys, it just takes time.

Thanks for the replies to the HCTP post, and the answers to the thread on the official SvR boards. I agree that the move sets were untouchable, and that we need to get back to that level of authenticity.

I just got asked to do the CAWS.ws podcast this Thursday, so that makes it two back to back podcasts on consecutive days. I'll of course be doing the GamingRing.com GR8 podcast on Friday.

Sorry for the lack of news in today's blog entry, but I imagine we'll have plenty to talk about soon ;)


  1. I love going to work! I work at home as a video editor motion graphics animator...I make money by having fun :)

  2. you need to read the this :0 awesome RR Ideas :)