Friday, September 17, 2010

*UPDATE* To "Lesson for Next Year = Focus on Divas"

Hey everyone, some things are being blown out of proportion. I said that we should give Divas more of a focus next year. For example: 6-women Divas matches, etc.. I did not say that next year would be 100% Divas, or we would just focus on Divas. C'mon... you guys know we have a team working on this game, and that we all work on different parts of the game (old or new).


  1. Give us a true to life Legends Game please!!!!!!!

  2. Lol it's O K A Y. Don't let the rabid tweets and posts get to you! It's the nature of the internet.

    We all know you're trying your best to give us accurate, detailed information. (And going crazy in the process because we're so annoying lol.)

  3. Glad you got that cleared up. Seriously people were being rude on that last post. We are just asking for some focus not an entire game focus lol.

  4. Astonished at the misinterpretation going on, Marcus. You really can't say anything without someone out there getting the wrong idea.

    I think you should also clear up, once and for all, whether or not you are secretly a duck. If you are, is it a normal duck, or like a humanoid duck such as portrayed in the George Lucas classic, "Howard the Duck?"

    Will man-ducks be able to fight Divas in 2012?

    So many questions...

  5. I really hate to think because a few people can't comprehend a simple message that the devs will lose their minds or patience

  6. No Divas, nothing play with Divas
    focus in 8 Wrestlers in a Ring

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing so much info with the community. I think it is a nice change of pace to actually be able to read about different aspects of a game directly from a developer, rather then reading those robotic interviews that game sites tend to offer.

    And much, much respect to you equally, considering how much crap you've taken from so called "fans." I think you've definitely have to have love for what you are doing or else I can't see why anyone would throw themselves out there like this.

    So again, thank you! October 26th can't come soon enough!

  8. If only WWE could get the so-called Divas to actually focus on their wrestling.

  9. @Previous Anon: WWE doesn't WANT the Divas to focus on wrestling.

    Thank you for the update, Marcus.

  10. Oh well tx for the update Marcus, I was kinda worried:P

  11. Ah, waddaya gonna do, Marcus?

    Fanboys and all the kids with their entitlement issues are going to hate, and be snotty and unreasonable and hit the roof no matter what you do or say, it seems.

    I know that's really disheartening, and I can completly understand your justified frustration about these reactionary kids, but sadly that's where I think the position of having to be a Representative of something like this leads.

    It's like building a house of cards in front of an audience with megaphones.

    Everyone thinks they are the only fan of the series in the world, or every fan thinks they alone speak for the whole community with every one little thing that they want.

    Because of that, though I know you guys at THQ work hard, try hard, do your best, and take every possible opportunity to try and deliver the best possible game for everyone, you'll never be able to please everyone.

    I think this situation sums up the problems with this community in a nutshell.

    Half the "fans" love the Divas. Hald the "fans" hate the Divas.

    So if you don't put all your attention on the Diva's, then the first half of fans whines and insults your efforts to please everyone.

    And if you DO put in all your attention on the Diva's then the second half of fans whines and insults your efforts to please everyone.

    And if you try to make both the Diva lovers and the Diva haters happy by trying to do the best for what both sides want, then both sides come together to whine and insult your efforts to please everyone.

    And yeah, while that is how it is with these fans, I also agree it's unfair.

    I swear, it's like they just look for any opportunity to jump on you and the THQ and the Yukes devs and tear you guys apart like a pack of rabid wolves with a smirk and an evil gleam in their eye.

    My personal advice? Forget the fans. They bicker, yell, scream, fight, tooth, claw, nail, insult, bash, hate and tear each other to peices constantly just as much as they have the tendancy to blame you guys for things that aren't your fault.

    They don't know what they want. I really do think that you guys have done just fine in years past, and you'll continue to do just fine for years to come.

    I've always trusted you guys, because I've bought every one so far, and so have most people. Yes, even the haters. Or they clearly wouldn't care so much to whine about the game themselves every year, or as you so eloquently put it "be passionate about the game"

    It's kinda like the guy that gets nervous for their date and asks everyone else what they think you should do.

    Personally, I say "Just be yourself." I think that applies here. You guys like yourself, Bryan and everyone else... clearly you're just as passionate about the game as they are.

    You want what they want, and you guys have proved that time and time again, even if the fans ignore it and overlook it constantly.

    Trust your own instincts. Don't put so much stock in the fans. They are a bitter, yapping, entitled, shouting, selfish, bickering, teeth baring, insulting lot.

    At least some of us... a few of us, anyway... trust you. I trust you, Marcus. Keep making good WWE games.

  12. 6 man mataches are a MUST for next year. I really appreciate you listening to us divas fans.