Friday, September 10, 2010

More Roster Talk? Nope

1.) I can't discuss when things will be released. I'm a Producer / Designer, not PR or Marketing. That is there job to make these communication roll outs, I won't disturb that. (Educating you on this industry)

2.) More along the lines of the first point, but I can't tell you who will be revealed on our official website, because that would be ME revealing it, and not our website...

3.) This is the most up to date roster we've ever had, think I'm wrong? Please tell me...

4.) My Twitter account is being flooded with the same questions over and over again. I've been repeating myself for about a week now with similar questions asked in different ways. I don't mind doing it at all, I love talking with all of you -- but now I actually have to get back to work, and I won't be able to repeat myself all of the time. Please don't take offense if I don't answer you, and just do a little research on your question, and I'm sure you'll find the answer.

The main reason why I bring all of these points up, is to remind you that we build a game every single year. We plan DLC for the game, but at some point, the reality of the situation is that we have to stop. Every annual title in this industry has the same problems that we do. But we welcome them, because there is a huge appetite for our title being released every year.

If something isn't in this year, or next year, don't lose hope -- voice your concerns collectively and we'll hear you. I leave that (the collective voice) up to your fellow Community Leaders who were present at the first Community Event during SummerSlam weekend. We truly want everything that you do, please trust us in that. This is all part of the relationship that our team is now trying to build with each and every one of you. We hear your concerns, and will do our best (under the circumstances) to meet those wants.

At the end of the day, it's your 60 dollars and I will never tell you, or recommend how you spend it. I just ask that you take a look at our offering this year, and if it satisfies you, awesome. If it doesn't, help us in creating the game that you want.

I hope this stuff makes sense. You guys are all awesome, and easily the most passionate community that I've ever dealt with -- and this will only help us!

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll see you guys back here on Monday!


  1. You are doing a great job. Please don't let people's questions or repetition frustrate or discourage you. It's only because, as you said, people are so passionate about the game.

    And I can't speak for everyone else, but I am very, very pleased with the roster. The ability to recreate Bret vs Davey Boy at Summer Slam will be awesome, and having DH Smith and his father in one game is both cool and frankly a bit moving to the old time fan in me.

    Would I have liked Daniel Bryan? Sure, but I knew the moment he got fired that the timing of his inclusion in the game would probably get boned, so I understand. Those things just happen. It was unfortunate for several reasons, his exclusion from the game not least among them. But at least now he's back and probably about to give us a great match with Miz at Night of Champions, and we can hopefully look forward to him being in next year provided he sticks around. :D

    And be looking for my CAW of him too once the game is out. I will give it plenty of time and dedication. :P

  2. The best WWE Game never seen before, my foot... This game will be boring like the past versions! Just tell me why you didn't have updated Kelly Kelly entrance? WHY?! If you can change it, what are you waiting for?! I'm pissed, you need to fix her entrance. I'm a fan of this Diva and it would be a real pleasure for me to see her REAL entrance. If you don't update it, I'll don't buy more WWE Games. Trust me THQ, trust me and update it, please..... :(

  3. Your efforts are appreciated by me, Marcus. I may be repeating myself, but I do hope the devs stay in touch through the creation of the next game, and can give an inkling of evidence that the fans' concerns are brought up to and addressed by the team.

    That is NOT to say that we don't think you do so already, but to give the community that next level of interaction, and perhaps even quell some naysayers who conveniently stick around to yell despite yelling that the series is the worst thing ever.

  4. Poster #2, with all due respect, shut up.

    You are the worst type of fan and the kind that thankfully, no one at THQ listens to or takes seriously.

    The kind of fool who insults the people that work hard for your benefit, whines about your self-centered entitlement issues over1 or 2 incredibly minor nitpicks and acts like a tantrum throwing troll with a horrible attitude, without the slightest hint of any constructive criticism at all.

    Anonymous #2, you are everything that is wrong with the fanbase, and on behalf of the respectful fans out there, I am telling you now: Say something useful or just shut up because you don't help anyone. You're no help to THQ and you're certainly no help to OUR community. Thanks.

  5. Anyway, Marcus... I'm sorry you had to see some worthless, whiny, pathetic trash-talking troll on your blog, purposefully trying to get your goat like that useless, disgruntled, entitled nutjob above. Pay him no mind. We don't.

    I hope you realize that idiots like the second poster in this thread are only trying to get a negative reaction on purpose and acting like an a-hole intentionally, and that he's NOT any part of our community.

    You and the THQ team have done the best job possible and it's just worthless little children that lack the social graces of a 6-year old that we want to weed out of our community as well, and that we respect all you've done and the tireless tweeting and blogging and attention you've given the community as well as all your hard work.

    The majority of us know that Smackdown vs Raw 2011 will be the best wrestling game to date just as many of the others in the series leading up to this one have inched ever closer to it.

    Unfortunately, when you ask everyone what they think and try to ask them to freely help you and the team make a consistently better product, it's going to bring out a lot of people who want to help you and by extension help everyone, but inevitably, you're going to get a few whiny little babies who've yet to grow up, stirring the pot because it amuses them.

    All in all, I'm 100% certain that I speak for the better among us in wanting to appreciate and thank you for giving to the community, and waiting eagerly for the awesome game this year.

  6. you guys do a great job. the only beef I had was with not being able to copy save data I wasn't going to buy it again. But I read some websites posts that jonatah durr said there was a quick, easy way to unlock things and I decided to get it if this is true. i lost my 2010 ps3 data and having to re beat the game made me put it down and it hasnt left my shelf since April.

  7. My only gripe with what I've seen (which is everything), is that the flashing white lights in Orton and McIntyre's entrance don't sync up with the song like they do in real life. To see what I mean, watch pretty much any Orton entrance since he got "Voices" as a theme. When there's a guitar riff, the lights flash. I'd assume it's pretty hard to do, but you guys already have the flashing white lights in, it couldn't be THAT hard to sync them up with the song. Hopefully next year. Not a huge deal, but as someone who generally does like watching entrances, it's kind of annoying.

    I appreciate that you're openly answering questions as best you can, and you come off as a guy who genuinely cares about the series (as does Bryan Williams) and wants to see it as we all do, become an accurate depiction of the WWE.

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  10. while obviously the hate comments are not necessary I am a long time THQ wrestling game fan. But my two points would be while thq_deserves_your_respect is entitled to his/her opinion some people are casual fans and anonymous might be one. he/she never said they were a huge THQ or WWE fan and they are entitled to their opinion. So when you say you think you speak for anybody else you certainly do not. I myself also had 2010 data difficulties and it is very very frustrating to have to re do everything and re download everything.

    While I play the games because i love the wwe, perhaps this person like many others, pick up the game because they enjoy the gameplay but know nothing of the back story behind it and what it takes to make it every year. So when you say that this fan "doesnt appreciate peoples hard work" perhaps take a look in the mirror because having to unlock everything and finishing that goal was this persons hard work and due to the locked data they felt cheated and somewhat disgusted by it. While I do not agree whatsoever with what anonymous said about your mom I do feel they have every right to feel the way they do, as do you and everybody else so to write what you did you are just as at fault as anonymous is because rather than respect some one's opinion you forced yours on to them and this entire blog.

  11. Why my comment has been deleted, huh? Be realist, I'm right and you have to change her entrance for all of her fans who are pissed off by your stupid job.

  12. Diva marks + SvR marks = worst marks ever.

  13. THQ_deserves_your_respect why dso you suck up so much? you know he probably reads your stuff and laughs at the loser who has made wwe thq games his life

  14. Looking forward to this years game man. I have read we can unlock stuff in wwe universe this year. is this the same stuff as road to wrestlemania or is it different items? Also can we copy our save data on ps3 this year? I wanna upgrade to a slim but if the data wont copy I have to get the ps3 before 2011 comes out.

    And please make the wwe title bigger. looks too small. all the other belts look awesome and name plates? nice touch man

  15. @Kelly Kelly-Anon: If you'll notice, the comments from you that were deleted made use of profane language and were direct personal insults at another poster. Your comment threatening to not buy the game because Kelly's IRL unchanging entrance hasn't been changed in-game is still up.

  16. Hi Marcus,

    I'm Pier from Twitter. The one that was bugging you with weight detection questions :)

    Firstable, I'd like to thank you for the time you are putting in the communication with this community. I'm not missing a wrestling game since WWF Wrestlemania for Genesis, and before that I spent tons of coins with WWF Superstars and WWF Wrestlefest, so I'm just pleased to have the chance to express my opinions to the developers of current generation WWE games.

    Add to that where I live (I'm Italian), and I'll never stress enough how a great tool is the Internet when used properly (e.g. NOT trolling, lol).

    But let's cut to the chase. The following are two posts in reply to my topic about Weight Detection in Xbox360 Gamefaqs Board for SvR2011 (it's quite a long but good read):

    The Kosmic Fool Part 2:
    "Actually, the biggest problem with weight detection in the SD games is that they never did it right.

    Firstly, they lump anyone from like 300 pounds all the way to 500 pounds in the same weight class. So if you can suplex Batista, you can suplex the Big Show.

    Also, strength isn't taken into account, just size. Ric Flair could slam around people the same as any young, stronger person in the same weight class.

    Third, moves were divided into only 2 categories. Lift, or Non-Lift. But there is a world of difference between a hip toss and a military press. You need 3 categories. Non-lift, Lift, and Heavy Lift.

    So to make it perfect, they just need more division, basically.

    -Bring back the Ultraheavyweight class that only Andre the Giant had in the SD game he was in, and maybe create a few more. Maybe a "middleweight" class in between heavyweight and light heavyweight.

    -Separate weight class into "Weight Class" and "Lifting Class", "Weight class" is the size you fall into based on your weight, and "Lifting Class" is the heaviest weight class you are able to lift. To prevent tiny little cruisers from press slamming the Big Show, your Lifting Class can be no more than 2 classes higher than your own weight. So the most a cruiser could lift is a middleweight. But if he's not supposed to be very strong, you can choose a lower lifting class.

    -How this works in conjunction with Non-Lift, Lift, and Heavy lift is as follows: You can only Heavy Lift characters 1 level or below your Lifting Class, and you can Lift characters that are in your Lifting Class. So, for example, Triple H, a Heavyweight, would be able to deliver a heavy lift, a Spinebuster, to the Undertaker, a Super Heavyweight. But the best he could do with Big Show is maybe an arm drag or a hip toss. An optional feature could be an alternate animation that lowers a Heavy Lift to a Lift. So maybe HHH, when he attempts that Spinebuster on Big Show, can only muster a small, weak-looking version.
    -To prevent the Super and Ultra Heavyweights from having such a huge advantage over smaller guys, they also need to add penalties and benefits for having certain Weight and Lifting classes:

    1) Super Heavyweight and above cannot perform diving attacks without hurting themselves in the process. If Big Show misses that elbow drop, it is going to damage his body. Also, they won't be able to physically leap as far as smaller guys. A Rey Mysterio can leap 3/4 of the way across the ring for certain moves, but Big Show won't be able to make it more than 1/3. There is also a chance for a random "botch" where you tumble off the turnbuckle due to visiting unfamiliar territory.
    2) Small guys who attempt to lift people they cannot will also hurt themselves.
    3) Big guys will have a harder time countering speedy attacks from small guys. Rey can get in there and kick the crap out of a big man's legs and he's not going to have a lot of defensive options. Precise timing for a counter is key.
    4) Like with the 2010 game, Supers are locked out of certain Abilities like Springboard or Evasive Roll.

    [continues next post]

  17. Benefits:
    1) a Superstar who has a lifting class equal to or less than their own weight class will gain an "underdog" advantage ability where, when he has full momentum, gets mild invulnerability for a few seconds, heals some of his body, and gains a higher lifting class temporarily.
    2) Large characters take less damage from smaller guys, and generally will undersell their moves in the early stages of the match.
    3) Heavyweight characters have the advantage of experiencing very few of the penalties for being either too big or too small."

    And here it comes the second interesting post, by HeatSeeker500:

    "I'm not sure if the body damage meter is still in there but how about this as a solution?

    - First, they add an ability that allows you to be strong enough to lift heavies late on in the match, i.e. Cena or Taker. This would eliminate random spurts of strength from the likes of Mysterio and those in a lower weight class.

    - Secondly, they look at all lifting animations and without the ability you simply can't lift them and will be thrown across the ring or down to the mat, depending on the animation (cruiser-weights wouldn't be able to Irish Whip heavies either and will instead be Irish Whipped by the heavy in the opposite direction - this gives them a chance to counter on the rebound). However for people without the ability to lift, there could be some sort of advantage on their side, i.e. they gain momentum quicker (cruiser-weights with their speed, heavy-weights with strikes etc), whereas heavies would be ultra slow but powerful. It brings levels of strategy and each weight class would have it's advantages.

    - Should you have the ability then once you beat them down to red, or gain a finisher then you can lift them. If you lift them when they're on red but without a finisher, body slams and a select few other moves would be the only ones available, they would also take energy out of you and keep you down on the floor. However if you lift a heavy by using a finisher then you would still have that adrenaline going and be able to go for the pin.

    Just thought that up on the fly after reading this topic, but I feel something like that could work and eliminate the majority of problems."

    I hope that in the lines above you can find some interesting ideas that can inspire your team in implementing the best Weight Detection system in a wrestling game, Marcus.

    I'm pretty sure SvR 2011 will be a very good game, but with a proper weight detection system in place 2012 could be the best ever!

    Have a nice weekend,


  18. Check out this post on the Gamingring Forums about CAW, Attributes, and Weight Detection.