Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So I've seen a few threads, and tweets on my page, that we aren't doing a good job of releasing information this year.



I'm starting to wonder about you guys, really wonder...

Here are the beats of information releases so far this year:

- SummerSlam (released a TON of information)
- Multiple podcasts
- Gameplay Video
- Roster Reveal (both on Gamespot, and our website every week)
- Community Event

We have the best roster section in the history of video games (on our website), and members from THQ have been out talking with all of you.

So Really?

If you haven't done your research on all of the information that we've released so far, that's your go do some research. Because if you truly feel this way, you're not only wrong, but you haven't done your homework.

I had my first "next year" meeting with Yuke's last night. For those of you who don't know, Yuke's is our external Japanese developer for the SvR franchise. The meeting went well, and we went over what we can do to strengthen online for the future. I'll pose that question to you. What do YOU all want to see with online next year?

I'm hearing that we MAY be doing something during the weekend of WWE "Hell in a Cell" PPV. Could we possibly go over Online, RtWM, and Story Designer there? It seems like it's a possibility -- stay tuned.

I DO know that a WWE Universe video should hit the world wide web tomorrow. Dan Ryan at his very best!

My wife and I are getting visitors today. Some of our friends from Vancouver are going to stay with us, and one of them is a good friend of mine who is a Producer on NBA Elite 11. He designed the "Become Legendary" mode for the game. I think it's going to be a pretty fun weekend.

I'll be on the GR8 podcast tomorrow night. I've seen the agenda for tomorrow night's show, and I can't wait. Just know that "community" isn't a one way street. And it's not all about you guys getting information. I told you I was going to teach you the development process of our game, so that you would better understand what we're up against every year, and make educated suggestions to us. If this is not something you want to do, and only want information out of me, that's fine. Just don't complain to me, because there are some who are invested in this community, and want to see it flourish.

I hope you guys are getting amped up for SvR '11, I can't believe it's just around the corner. And I've said it about 1,000 times already, but I'll do it again.


That was meant as a newspaper headline. I'm not "shouting."

Cena joining NEXUS? Oh, the possibilities!


  1. Dude, don't let that stuff get to you. Paying attention to the whiners associated with this series is like reading every comment on a YouTube page - no good can come of it. Stick with paying attention to the sane fans and you'll be aces. ;)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. The information you guys have released this year is unprecedented, and while I'll admit I was going a little crazy pre-Summerslam, the consistency in what you and the website have revealed to us is what's keeping my patience in check (barely) as I anticipate the release.

  3. While I will appreciate the development insight (especially the ability to comment on it, as I've already heard some things from you about it that makes me go "this could be done more efficiently" as an outside customer), I'm certain others won't and will spam the chat with the same question again. I think it would be worth exploring if, in the future, separate podcasts/interviews were set-up specifically for Q&A sessions on the game and more conceptual/development deals.

    But, once again, I applaud you and the rest of the team's movement toward more community interaction, even if it's not always pleasant.

    Also looking forward to that WWE Universe video tomorrow. :D

  4. Dude, you guys are releasing the right amount of're just not managing expectations. It's a mistake companies make all the time. I do it now and then with my clients.

    Tell the SVR fans what to expect and when. Then deliver. Simple as that.

    Releasing a random video last Sunday with no announcement of it coming out when it was far superior to the other SVR vids was a waste.

    Not being precise with the roster release was a mistake. At first we were told they're all being released in one go. Then they're being released next week...but then 6 are thrown out there and they're nothing special. Then we're told there'll be a mystery spot or two unveiled and none are. On top of that, Tank told us the 3 '?' that will be shown tomorrow, and although they must surely be the worst of the bunch, it kinda ruined it (Vince, Bearer and Horny).

    Info flow is good. Interaction level is AMAZING. Managing expectations is pretty bad and at times very misleading and disappointing. I could go on but I won''s all pretty common sense stuff, just put yourself in our shoes with no info and don't look at how fun it is to unveil the info and look at how frustrating it is to not know when any of it is coming or how deflating it is to wait for a mystery spot or two to be shown and then none are.

  5. I think you are doing a great job at releasing the information. Everybody are just "information hungry" and don't realise that you need keep the suspense of what will be confirmed about the games.

    Keep up the good work and I can't wait to play WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011


  6. A little note about the "fans". Nothing is ever good enough for the majority of them. They'll whine and be hateful, ungrateful, insulting, nasty, demanding, self-centered and selectively ignorant of absolutely everything except for their own outrageous wants and needs.

    They won't respect or take notice if anyone else's hard work, time, patience, or indeed all of the detailed public relations and information that you guys have provided that no one else will and no one else has.

    You guys have really done something quite unprecedented. You have jumped headfirst into the crowd, and tried to interact directly with them on a even, level down-to-earth, honest, forthcoming fashion. This is a revolutionary new concept.

    So of course you're going to get a lot of trolls who just want to knock your head because it amuses them and they want to feel important as if they've made a "professional" squirm for trying with all their might to do something outstanding that no one has ever done before with their game series.

    Fans are a self-righteous, overexaggerating, hateful, entirely self-centered lot who care for nothing but themselves. You can give and give and give until it hurts, and for the most part, a lot of them simply will refuse to see you as a real live, actual person.

    To them, they just see you as their robot. Their live human news feed.

    Marcus, it really isn't worth trying to challenge these hard-headed, selfish, insulting pricks, because you can't change their ignorance, or inform them of anything when their heads are filled with cement as far as it goes with appreciating you and what you guys do.

    You can lead a horse to water. You can draw it a detailed diagram of the water. You can sit with them patiently for weeks, and educating them on how to drink from this water. But if they won't drink or can't figure out how, that's not your fault. You can't make them drink.

  7. (cont)

    However, I think it's best suited to just realize and treat these people for what they are. Trolls trying to rile you up by obviously and knowingly saying things to you that even they know aren't true, just to grin at how frustrating it is for you to deal with blockheads like them.

    You have done the best marketing job I've seen in a long time. You guys have your strategy firmly set of moderately timed releases, and steady, patient, and tiring 24/7 detail, open twitter and explanations, effort on your part and giving people insight and help answering every question they have both day and night. That needs to be respected. It's pretty amazing what you guys have done this year.

    Pay the haters no mind. They're dead set on bein against you because they want to take their own issues out on you. Because this is the internet. And they know they can get away with it and laugh about it.

    I know that's irritating, but you really gotta try and block these people out. They only want to rattle you and get your goat. Don't fall for the trap.

    Keep doing what you're doing. The right ones appreciate you, and I can guarantee that after all is said and done, it WILL have the positive outcome for both THQ and the fans that you're looking for.

    But don't give the trolls the satisfaction of knowing that they exist, please. You guys have done an outstanding job. The fans who still matter, know this.

  8. I agree with the post about managing expectations. I think your biggest mistake is not in how much information you are releasing. It really has nothing to do with you at all. It is the marketing team not communicating when things will be released. I also think it is odd that you guys are waiting so long to release some info. You say that you still have some major features to announce, but I think the later you wait to do that the more people are going to have money tied up in other titles. There are a lot of games releasing and most of them have pre order bonuses which demand an early commitment. I just think that is a risky strategy.

  9. If Create-An-Arena is in for SvR12, then it would be nice to add that to Community Creations and upload your customized arenas, logos, etc., and able to download them and see what unique arenas ppl can make. From re-creating past wrestling companies' arenas, to upcoming ppv arenas, like ppl making what the next WrestleMania's arena and stage is gonna look like.

    I've seen alot of people use different programs on PC to make custom arena stages, and it would be neat to implement that into tht game for the world to share their arena creations.

    I want it to be named, "Arena Builder" or "Venue Design", but that's a lognshot.

    Also, on how it would be like for the mode itself, to be like where you cna select scaffold parts, vehicles, & other objects, and place them anywhere, and build from there. And you can use your paint tool to use for logos on the stage or ring. Speaking of the ring, customize the color of the ropes, canvas, ringpost, turnbuckles, and apron--where you can upload up to 4 images for each side of the ring, and one more for the ring canvas.

    It's an interesting idea, along with how I think the Create-An-Arena would look like.

  10. It's the nature of the internet to complain, moan, and bitch about everything. Let it all slip by you.

    Everyone associated with the game has done a tremendous job of reaching out to the community and you should all be commended for doing such a fine job.

    Target your posts and comments to the silent majority who appreciate all the info and insight into what goes into making SD Vs. Raw, and ignore the rest.

    I for one thank you for your time :o)

    Steve L

  11. Please bring online back to Wii next year!

  12. I want the info, but Honestly, I LOVE the way you guys are doing it. I love the way you guys are giving us small bits of info through your twitter and the SvR page, and the way you guys are giving us big things almost weekly. You gotta understand, this looks like it's shaping up to be one of the best SVR games, if not wrestling game, of all time. People are excited, anxious, want the info. Sure, not everyone goes about it the right way, but most mean well. Others, well, others like to be internet gangsters who like to mouth off to people considering they're hidden behind a desk. Personally, I think you guys are doing a great job with everything, keep up the good work!

  13. Great job stephensonmc all the information is out there,podcast are great,roster,videos,now back to the topic of online the main thing i want is the 08,09 pin system,the new system is fine for those who like it but there should be a choice like offline,online touraments.

  14. I would love to learn more about the process Marcus I agree with you 100% about the game.

    1.) I agree with an online WWE Universe Mode would be cool. (Have it more E-Fed based I understand that it will take time to get it right allow us to create a federation or brand and make our own world with WWE and Created Wrestlers would very cool)
    2.) Create-An-Arena added to Community Creations and WWE Universe Mode
    3.) Some Free DLC would always be appreciated
    4.) Would be cool to add cpu to matches with out friends you and friend tag up against cpu.
    5.) Elimination Matches
    6.) Expand multi-player if we could (not top priority but when you can expand the number of wrestlers in the ring we should also expand size of the ring so it doesn't look overly crowded)

    I'm going to play NBA Elite Demo tonight and try it out.

  15. Online support for the Royal Rumble match please!

    Maybe there could be a yearly qualifying tournament, and the afternoon before the Royal Rumble PPV, 30 WWE fans battle it out to see who wins an all-expenses paid trip to WrestleMania!

  16. Marcus, you have to remember that there are two groups of people receiving the information you're providing so dutifully: 1) The mature group who understands the realities you've laid out and who will wait patiently for more information. 2) The immature group who wants what they want, when they want it, reality be damned.

    Those two groups will exist no matter what you say or do, or how hard you labor to bring us information. So don't let it bother you. Your job is just to liason with the community as best you can, and you have been doing an AMAZING job of that. Your job isn't to cater to the impatient group's immaturity by explaining yourself constantly.

    In short: don't waste your energy on it. Zen, brother. Zen.

  17. I think you guys are doing great already so dont let the pressure get to you. What I would like for Online besides little to no lag is like a Lobby or LEague kind of thing. It would be like you can see people's avatars walking around a WWE Arena and we all cut promos and challenge each other to matches and such. Just an idea

  18. I think a lot of people's anxiety stems from the fact there's something 34 days until the game launches, we don't know the full roster, we haven't seen anything on Universe (though that will be remedied soon), nothing on Story Designer. The majority just want to know what to expect, and to the point that Sheamus/Jericho was uploaded, all we had seen were table breaks and displays of the new physics with the same characters over and over. I appreciate seeing a full match and no weapon interaction. It gives me an idea of how the game is going to work from a tournament perspective. (Things like strike detection, etc) But, it gets tiresome when a big feature (weapon physics in this case) is beat into our heads. We just want to see something new.

    HOWEVER, there are those who take it way too far and blame you for things that are out of your control. They're the ones who make the group of us who just want to know something about the game look bad in the end.

    In closing, I agree that people are taking it way too far with bashing you for not releasing news (though it's not your job), but I understand why people want news. We've seen essentially the same stuff for over a month now. I'd suggest not paying attention to the guys who tweet at you like 5439590238295 times a day. I respect you for being able to deal with it professionally. Glad we have someone like you wokring on the games.

  19. What I'd like to see online next year.
    1.Leagues just like Madden & NBA 2k.
    2.Updated rosters after ppv events.Meaning if a superstar wins a championship or becomes a contender stats go up.If they loose a championship or a rivalry stats go down.
    3.Online support after the game is released.Patches for glitches,bugs & exploits.

    I appreciate you taking the time to get to know the SvR community and asking for our opinions.Thank you.Your doing a great job.

  20. Hi again,
    You asked what I want for 2012...

    Cheers Marcus!

  21. just tried the elite 11 demo. omg worst bsketball game I have ever played. nba live 10 was awesome. why did EA take a HUGE step back? and did you see the youtube video of the glitch in the demo....releasing a demo with a "player freeze" glitch is sloppy and no excuse for it. it isnt even worth the free nba jam. I have never liked nba 2k but EA this year has finally made me switch over.

  22. Hi Marcus, I am wondering if you had a chance to listen to Kaval.. now known as the oneworldwarrior interview that was posted on twitter last week ?. If not here is the link Please take a listen to the 50 minute mark and all I would like to know is it a time frame issue or is it a management issue with how the SVR series comes out. I mean the last few years since HCTP even every single SVR game almost feels like it has a bug issue of some kind or another and sure I know sometimes those issues can't be helped and I understand that for the most part, but what I do not understand is how some of the pass few if not more then few SVR games feel more in less unenjoyable to keep playing. Maybe it's just me but I feel if the control system was a bit more deeper and the countring system was better, along with the superstars having more moves and the online sever was made to handle more people etc with out so much lag issues etc. Then just maybe we the fans would have more of an ejoyable game each year. Not to mention if Universe mode was longer and all. Jim