Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"No Comment..."

I really enjoyed being on the podcast last night. For those of you who missed it, you can listen to it here.

I must say, I often found myself distracted during the podcast because I was always looking at the live chat that hosted during the show. I kept losing my train of thought because of it. Next time, I won't look at the chat :)

I felt pretty awful last night because I know you guys want a ton of new info, and I couldn't say anything. Let me just clear up why...

We, as designers, are responsible for one thing only -- designing the game. What I'm doing now, and last night (podcast) is not in my job description. I choose to do it because I love it, and believe that it will only lead to good things (the game we all want). Now, I know that by me putting myself out there to you, I'm expected to know everything. I truly apologize that I don't, and constantly have to double-check. The thing is, I'm fairly certain of things when I'm asked, but because I know that news spreads like wildfire with this game, I second-guess everything that I say. Please be patient with me. We will release every detail that you guys want to know, but it will take time.

We have a PR department. If you guys don't know what that is, they come up with our messaging to the press, and our "reveal strategy" for the game. We, as a company, MUST follow this timeline. So when I say "no comment," it's because I'm not saying no, or yes...I'm saying that you'll find out soon. I'm not here to piss you guys off, if I am, let me know.

In order for me to do this, it HAS to be a two way street. I will not talk at you, and I expect you guys not to talk AT me. If we all have the same goal in mind (to make the best wrestling game), then the discussions can continue. I know you want information, but frankly, tough -- you'll get it soon, and honestly, we're just talking a matter of days here so be patient please.

Gone are the days of no one from THQ talking with you guys. We don't have to do it, but we are and I'm loving it. When we say "no comment" take that as your answer and wait...we're not doing "PR speak," we're not "brushing your question aside," we're just doing our job. I really don't know how to say this any other way -- if you still can't understand, then oh well I guess.

I'm on the GR8 podcast this week, and we have more Superstars to reveal on our website (this week). I hope you guys are liking what you're seeing, and thanks for all of the "little detail" suggestions yesterday. I know it's become a cliche when I say "I'll write it down," and I did "write them down." Would you rather I didn't write anything down? ;)

The sooner you guys realize that we're making a game every year and things fall off because of time or budget (which are the ONLY two reasons things get cut), the better the communication will be for everyone who is interested in helping us make great wrestling games.

*steps off soap box*


  1. I think most of us are grateful to have whatever insight you can give. When we're frustrated, it's just a result of our passion for the game and what we want out of it. I hope you don't take it personally, and it seems like you usually don't so that's good.

  2. I think a good majority of us understand where you're coming from and what it takes to make an annual title. All of the... idiots (for lack of a better term) whining endlessly and mindlessly on the forums are a vocal minority.

  3. I just wanted to chime in as someone who's followed your Twitter and SvR 2011's progress closely but remained silent. I for one really appreciate the progress that you guys have made over the many years of WWE games in terms of fan interactivity, as when things started out on the N64/Playstation, it was a very different landscape.

    Certainly I understand that you guys are always going to be bound by a level of secrecy and timing, and I really hope that the "younger" fans who have less of an understanding of the gaming industry as a business don't deter your efforts to reach out to the community.

    Being able to interact with anyone on the production team is a great privilege, and one that I hope continues and expands into the future.

  4. I listened to the podcast last night was in the chat too. That chat was CRAZY!!! I know what you mean Marcus. I too got distracted and I even joined in on a joke or five. I really appreciate the extra effort you put out to make the game a success because I absolutely love wrestling games. But I have to admit, the Red and Green man jokes were too much for me to handle lol.

  5. Can you, or can you not confirm that Micheal Cole's gong is in SvR11? If not 11, then 12. It is as vital as Del Rio's Spanish ring announcer.

    You know we appreciate ya, Marcus. :)

  6. I appreciate everything you guys do, but lets be realistic. you go on a chat like last night you have to expect people to rip the thing apart when nothing is new at all. I know how it is because where I work I do a lot of interviews for new products and get the same kinda timeline. "dont talk about this until this date" etc.

    some advice: what I did was work with PR and say I am doing interview A this week and interviews B and C next week. instead of giving all the new details in A lets split it up between the 3 so in all three interviews new info is released.

  7. I can only imagine how awkward it was to be on a podcast with as voracious a fanbase as the SvR community and have to refrain from giving them the answers they crave. I listened to the podcast up until they started to take callers-- then I had a vision of some Jillian Hall obsessed fan going on a tirade and I couldn't handle it.

    Thanks for willingly tossing yourself to the sharks, Marcus. You're a trooper.

  8. great blog, hope by reveal more of the rosters its some of the hidden people/legends, and not just more bios for those we already know are in the game. that being said, the roster section on the official site is gangbusters.

  9. Could you post all of the announced CAW names?

  10. Marcus I understand ignorant people will never stop. I appreciate it as a long time fan of SvR and purchasing THQ products especially all those wrestling games.

    Svr 2012 things to keep in mind
    1.) Entrance Attires ( Would like jackets and shirts added into entrances )

    2.) Bring back old match types (I Quit, 2 vs 2 vs 2 tag, 3 Stages with ability to two out of three falls etc...)

    3) More moves always appreciated

    4) Create-An Arena and Online Feds/Franchise Modes

    5)Backstage Areas

    so much more....