Monday, September 20, 2010

Night of Confusion?

So what's with Jericho? Is he gone, or is he staying? Very weird how the WWE played that one out. I have a feeling we'll see him back soon, though. And speaking of awkward, Kane beating The Undertaker? I hope Kane has Undertaker's urn, and that Paul Bearer is involved in some way. What did you guys think of "Night of Champions?"

I got to play a ton of SvR '11 over the weekend, and I had a lot of fun! (sorry for the tease)

What did you guys think of the full match gameplay video? I've seen some comments like; "If Legend difficulty is so hard, why was Bryan able to beat the CPU?" Really guys, really? You do know this is a game, and that the better you are, the easier the game is, right?

Do you say that when you play Madden on "All-Madden?" Or NBA 2K on "Superstar?" Not a sports fan? Ok, how about GTA on "Hard?" The point I'm making is that there are "experts" at every game, and I'm glad we have one working on our gameplay. Think you're great? Say that when the game comes out. Play on "Legend" difficulty with reversal indicators set to "off."

I had a great time on the podcast on Friday. I love doing that stuff, and hope that you guys aren't just looking for info and would like to dig deeper into the development process of the game. I was happy to speak so candidly on the show, and I think Mike, Brad, Matt, and Seiryuga for their questions.

Pretty short blog this week, but I'm having a conference call tomorrow with Yuke's, and I'll let you know how that goes. We're already ramping up to that game we can't say is coming out, but you all know is coming out.


  1. Tease indeed!

    I was also really hoping for some Paul Bearer/urn involvement. They've been so set on reminding us of Undertaker/Kane lore that I was really hoping they'd start making some more old school references. Maybe they'll surprise us with something before HIAC.

    The full match video was great, and in alot of ways so much better than seeing highlights of all the high spots. This let me really observe some of the nuances, and I'm really pleased with what I've seen so far. The counters all look incredibly smooth and varied. I have a feeling this year's game will have enough minor touch-ups and changes to keep me engaged when I finally get my hands on it!

  2. I was a little disappointed with the main event, I don't want to see Jericho leave without them making it a big deal. And Sheamus lost!?!? No!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  3. I was surprised by the NOC to be honest. Didn't expect to see so much mat wrestling. It was a refreshing development, since that's my thing more so than flashy spots and stuff. Even the six pack challenge had more mat wrestling than I would have expected. It exceeded my expectations all in all.

    I too hope to see Paul Bearer at some point. I love Taker to death, but I do believe his better days as an in ring performer are behind him, and I don't know how long he'll stick around. He's already been working only part-time in terms of in-ring for a while now. So I hope before that sad day in the future when he hangs his hat and cloak up, we see Bearer again and that he goes out in old school fashion.

    I was very impressed by the Miz! He showed the world that he can wrestle a technical match and come off looking great while still putting someone else over. I think the critics should finally be silenced now imo. He is not just some guy from MTV who got into wrestling. He has worked at it for years, and he proved that last night by looking like a great mat wrestler even next to Daniel Bryan, who is undoubtedly a great worker too. They both made each other look like gold imo. Now I hope Bryan retains and defends for a good long while, and makes the U.S. title prestigious again.

    Thank-you for all the podcasts. While I do skim them for information, yes, I do think we all enjoy getting some insight into the development process too.

  4. Hey Marcus - agree on the lame questions about the difficulty. Frankly, I usually start my SVR games on Hard from the beginning, but am probably going to take Bryan's advice on using Legend difficulty instead. I loved how competitive that match was with the AI - probably the most polished I've ever seen one of these games in terms of AI. Good stuff!

  5. Well as we can see and as Cole clarified on Raw, Jericho reneged on his statement and is still in WWE, though to what capacity they're taking this "downward spiral" of losses, we'll have to see.

    Anyway, to SvR11. The full match video was GREATLY appreciated it was nice to be able to compare it to match flow in SvR10, and I am very pleased.

    Still waiting on that WWE Universe video, though. :)

  6. Night of Champions was pretty decent I liked Miz vs Danielson alot.

    SvR11 glad your having fun hopefully soon we will get to play. Would love to play a match with someone from the office on PS3.

    I like the feedback and I am more interested in the technical questions about SvR games so please keep that info coming.

    Can't wait for first details about new game coming out. And i'm loving the rumors on THQ 4th game (WCW is the latest)


  7. The match looked good. Very promising for the series.

    I'd love to see a COM vs COM match though. That's the only way to really get a feel for the AI from watching, and that's (unfortunately) where the bug usually pop up. A sneak peak at the COM vs COM would rock my world :-)

  8. I keep thinking that somebody is going to interfere in the inevitable Undertaker/Kane HIAC match and cost Taker the championship. (Perhaps Alberto Del Rio?) Or maybe Taker just lays waste to his little brother?

    The video seemed very promising. I liked seeing all the new animations and positions in action. Maybe after adjusting the sliders/stats, you can have an even better, more competitive match.

    Some thoughts/nitpicks:

    I wish the selling was a bit better in places. People slowing toppling over after being dropkicked has always been a little annoyance. Jericho never sold the back/rib-breaker. I want my offense to feel like it means something.

    I'd prefer if all submissions were struggle submissions. Maybe getting the tapout is drastic reduced/non-existent for the minor subs, but fighting my way out of them feels more gratifying than the animation just ending.

    There are some animations I wish would just get the axe like:
    - The flailing of the arms when being irish whipped
    - The crappy slap-my-thigh toe kick
    - The arm ringer reversal that leads to a hammerlock and pushing away your opponent... What's the point?!